Badin Report Oct10th

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    What a morning on the water. I went fishing with a friend Gene. Iam glad i had someone with me this morning. For smaller fish we caught 6 flats from 5-25lbs. For bigger ones I caught a 38lber and another 45lb flathead. Gene lost his big fish to a snag. The one he had was between 40-50lbs. That 45lber really scared me for awhile. When I set the hook he really took off and I couldn't stop him for anything. I didn't know if I could slow him down. Iam glad he finally slowed down. He took awhile to get in. The 38lber wasn't any easier. I put alot pressure on him with a bigger outfit and I still had a really hard time. I put alot of pressure on him to make sure I didn't get caught in that snag where Gene lost his fish. A real good morning on the water. Water temp is down to 69-70*. Also saw alot of big blues around Old whitmey but only caught channel cats. The picture of the 45lber didn't come out to well. gene moved right when he took the picture and it got blurred. Bumber but that the way it goes. See-ya.
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    well you predicted they would bite after the weather cleared. congrates on the catch. just goes to show much timing the bite pays off.

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    I need to find a spot like that!:lol:
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    I need to try out badin at old whitney. I've never fished there. From these post I've been reading it sounds like what I'm looking for.......