Badin report May30th

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    Well it started alittle slow today. I got out pretty early about 0130, Rookie was also out there about the same time. I only caught 3 flats, 5-9lbs, before daylight. They weren't running any water. At 0600, they decided to start running water. We both got some more bait and Rookie headed down the lake looking for blues. I went back flathead fishing. In an 1 1/2 hours I caught about 12 flats. It was like someone turned on the dinner bell. I had rods going everywhere. I couldn't controll all the rods. The flats ranged from 5-20lbs. I also missed about 6 other fish. That will wear your arms out bringing in that many flats ina short time. They took all my baits and I decided to call it a day. I had a blast out there this morning. I was the only person fishing up there.
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    Well, to add to wht Tomahawk said, I fished Tues. morning also. I caught 1 flathead at the dam early about 4 AM and a couple channels. I went down river huntin' blues and all I found were channel cats. I must have caught about 20 total. Came through a school one time and all 6 of my rods got hit. I landed 5 of them. They were fun, but I want something bigger. Just as the sun came up I saw a whole bunch of big blues rolling on the surface down below Old Whitney where I was fishing. I had one come right by the boat and just swim barely under the water past the boat. He looked about 40 lb. or so. I hate when they do that!!! I tried to get them to hit some freeline shad. I even put some freeline cutbait out there and they wouldn't hit it. Lots of bait on the bottom in that area. I saw several schools of bait balled up tight swimming on the surface. Does anyone know how to tell if the thermocline has set in. I think you can do something with the sensitivity of your depthfinder and see it, but I'm not sure. All fish caught between 20 and 30 ft. deep. Marked some bigger fish deeper, but couldn't get them to hit. All in all, a good day. I think i like drift fishing.... if I could find the blues. later