Badin report Jan 26th

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  1. Tomahawk

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    Went to BAdin this mornig and had a blast. I anchored up river and hooked my first big one about 30min later. This fish went crazy when he came to the surface. He was rolling around like no torr and reaking hevoc. I surprised the line didn't break. I finally got him and he weighted out at 54lbs. I went further up river and didn't do so well. I moved agin and thats when Catfishrus came up river. He went further up river. I went back down river alittle ways. I had a big shad in my bucket about 5" and cut it in half and threw it out. I told myself if it gets hit it going to be big.Well I was just about to leave when the gaint hit. Right away I knew it was bigger then the last one. Didn't relise how big until he got to the boat. Thats when the fight began. He really turned on the power. I had a hell of time fighting him. It took about 30min to get him and he was right by the boat the whole time. After netting him I ran up river to Catfishrus, he couldn't believe how big it was. It weighted out at 68lbs. So far this year has been awosome. See-ya.
  2. Mpayne

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    Very Impressive! I hope the weather holds through the weekend so I can get out there and try my luck. After reading your posts it’s clear that your success has little to do with luck.

    Hope to meet you out on the lake soon. What type and color boat do you have?

  3. Katmaster Jr.

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    Good job again Tomahawk. Man you really get out there and get them.

    Tight lines.:cool:
  4. catfishrus

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    well my report goes like this. i seen the rod bend and i saw a fish splashing by the boat and i looked over and one of my rods went down. i caught mine 27lbs looked up and here came tomahawk. i drop my fish back in the water and tom said wait til ya see this one. i jumped in the boat with toma. helped him weight the fish and took some pictures for him and saw the big boy swim off. man talk about putting the preasure on you. i just hope one day ill catch a fish like that. i finished the day off with a 23lber and a couple channel cats. most of us fish off luck but i dont think tomahawk counts on luck. he know what hes doing. you dont catch fish like he does just off luck.
  5. CMJ

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    Those are 2 great fish Tomahawk. Good pictures too. I'm sure Badin holds the new state record. Its just a matter of time before its caught,and I wouldn't bet against you catching it.
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    Erwin, NC
    Congrats on the bruiser Tomahawk. It sounds like there are plenty of big fish in the Yadkin chain of lakes. I would like to do a little fishing out that way sometime. What type of bait setup do you use? Small gizzard or threadfin and cut their tails off, or large gizzard shad about 1ft long and cut into pieces?
  7. kcforejc

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    That was a monster cat. I'm new to site and new to catfishing in general. Hearing the stories from you guys really makes me excited about future days on the lake.
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    Alright guys, I guess it's time to head back to Badin. I'm taking dad in the morning. He's never fished it. Hope to find some biguns so I can give him a good impression. I'll post report tomorrow sometime.