Badin report Jan 19th

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  1. Tomahawk

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    Whgat a day on the water. I went to Badin this morning. I anchored out up river. I was out there for only ten minites when I saw a rod start bouncing, then the line went slack. I hate when blues do that. I reeled in the slack line and set the hook, it turned out to be a big fish. After fighting him a short time another rod went down, at first I thought he tangled up with the other rod but that wasn't the case. Now Iam holding two rods with big blues on. I got the first one in after a 20 minitte fight he weighted out at 52lbs, I reeled in the second fish and he weighted out at 50lbs. I was complety whipped after that. I got pictures of the 52lber. What a day.
  2. Patmansc

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    Greer, SC
    Pat Chaney
    Great trip!!! Where's the pic?

  3. dwreel

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    I want to hire you as a guide. How much?? REALLY. Heck, I could have a good time just watching you catch them biguns. Or, I could just tailgate you around the lake. HE HE HE. Naw, I wouldn't do that. Ya might shoot me.

    Oh yea, got any photos?
  4. Katmaster Jr.

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    Tomahawk, Glad to hear your still on them big blues bro. Man you never have a bad day on the water do ya? I remember those other real big ones you caught a while back....I remember one of them was HUGE....still got the picture.

    BTW, if you want to post the picture of those fish here and need it to be re-sized then send it to my email and I will resize it for you so you can post it.
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    well fellows all you need is tomahawk left over bait. thats the trick.... he gave me his left over bait this morning and i found one good shad in the bucket . i caught a 38lb blue this morning after he left. i wish i could have got there earlier shoot i could of helped him with one of

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