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Anyone ever fished there before? I have an itch to go throw some line into the water and see what I get. I was wondering about what kind of cats I can expect to catch in that area. It looks like a pretty good spot for flatheads and channels but I doubt there's enough current or depth for blues. I'm try to catch some gills first before I go after the whiskers. Also, does anyone have any pointers for times to go after the big ones? It's probably going to be close to 100 degrees today and I'm probably going to get to the pier around 6pm. I'll spend awhile going for the bream and feeling up the bait bucket and then once the sun starts to set I'll cast out a live one. At least that's my plan unless someone here gives me better ideas. I'll also cast out 2 or 3 night crawlers on a single line just to see what I can get with that. Again, I could use some pointers for that area or if any of you know of better public spots along Badin or Tuckertown, I'd be greatly appreciative to hear about those, too.

Thanks in advance!

Here's a link to the fishing area.
Piedmont Region Public Fishing Access Areas
It's the first spot for Badin on the list. Titled "Badin Pier, Montgomery Co"
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