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Badin luke newbie

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Thinking about taking the drive to Badin Lake and trying my luck for some big blues. I was doing some research and it sounds like Badin is one of the better lakes in NC for good blues. I am thinking about trying to go out there later this week and try an all night fishing trip. Any pointers and tips would be very helpful. Thanks
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I don't have a boat yet , but hopefully this helps. For upper access , put in at Old Whitney , Circle Drive , or Lakemont ramps. I've heard decent catches coming from the area below Tuckertown Dam. Be careful up there though. It is very rocky. The best time to go would be at night or early in the morning. When the turbines are running , you should have strikes , or so I've heard. To access the lower portion , go to Alcoa Landing on hwy 740 , or the Cove Boat Ramp in Uwharrie. Doing this , you can fish at the dam , or anywhere you please in that area. Best baits to use would be either shad or bluegill , alive or frozen. Good luck!!
Shad is easy to catch at Tuckertown dam. Other places would likely be edges of grasslines around the shore. The state record blue was caught from there in 2006. It was 89 pounds. I've heard it's better than High Rock , too. I've had days where I went to 4 of those lakes and didn't catch anything until I got to Badin. Hell , I caught my 1st bule from there on liver , of all things. Also , a guy who works at BOA caught a 79 pound flathead from there last year. Personally , I'm convinced it is a trophy lake. For more than catfish; there was a 'study' in 2005 where , over 5 days , some guys on 5 boats caught 250 largemouth bass. It has a good forage base , and is rather fertile , so there have to be some records there. Parts of this lake reach 190'. Albeit there are no warmwater discharges to use in winter , but you can still capitalise on the fish.
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