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Badin luke newbie

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Thinking about taking the drive to Badin Lake and trying my luck for some big blues. I was doing some research and it sounds like Badin is one of the better lakes in NC for good blues. I am thinking about trying to go out there later this week and try an all night fishing trip. Any pointers and tips would be very helpful. Thanks
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There are blues in HR but not many. The lake is full of flats and channels. I fish the upper part of Badin below the dam andit is a solid fishing spot. I had my best luck south of the bridge slow trolling between 50 and 75 yards from the shore line. I had to stop at HR to catch some bait then run down to Badin. When the turbins run at the T'town dam use cut bait at the depth fish are marking . There is a very good chance to pick up stripers and cats. There is a good channel up to the dam. Badin does have a good blue cat population but you can not beat HR for catch volume.
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