Badin lake with my son 4/19/06

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    i took my son to badin fishing today trying to catch the 30lber that i told him he would catch this week. i thought we had him about ten oclock this morning. i looked over to see a rod bait with a whole white perch get hammered. i grab the rod, set the hook, and handed the rod to my son. he couldnt hold the rod with the fish pulling so hard so we put the rod back in the rod holder and i told him to crank hard. he got the fish to the boat and i manage to dip it for him the fish weighed out at 18lbs. his biggest fish so far. i never seen a kid so happy to catch a fish. it wasnt the 30lber but he is walking around with a smile on his face today. he done all the catching today. i was the guide and i couldnt have ask for a better client. he caught about 15 catfish, mostly channels but he did catch another blue around 10lbs. hes only 9 years old so not a bad start for the week so far. pops under a little preasure, got to find that 30lber somewhere. a great day on the lake. heres his picture

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    Thats great man. It even makes me feel good. :big_smile_2:

    I was wondering if you could email me a full size copy of the pic. I'm working on a catfish screen saver and that pic would be great to have.

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    A picture says a 1000 words...that is one proud youngen and a future BOC member!...LOL Thanks for passing fishing down to your son.:)
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    That is so awesome!! Way to go!! The next BOC member is on the way.


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    Nice story -- good to hear about