Badin Lake Water level

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  1. rob128146

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    Rockwell, North Carolina
    Went to Badin LK last night and when I went to drop the boat in the water I noticed the water level. I was down 4-6 ft. I put in at Old Whitney. I had to back my truck down the ramp all the way until the front tires were in the water. The muffler was under water and still had to have two people help push it aff the trailer. Don't know when this happened but if you are going don't put in at Old Whitney. Only about 4 or 5 boats on the water last night. By the way never even got a bite and I fished from 6pm until 12:30am. I had enough so I packed up and went home. Just thought I would let everyone know about the water level. Be careful out there, a lot of rocks and stumps are lurking now.:sad2:
  2. gearhead

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    China Grove, NC
    I bet the fishing at falls dam is pretty good right know :wink:

  3. Rookie12

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    Kannapolis, NC
    High Rock ain't too bad either if you don't mind catching 30 lb. flatheads.
  4. Pier Pressure

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    It's nasty up at the TT tailrace, be careful. I had to use the push pole alot and the trolling motor made that "dadadadadadad" sound a few times too :sad2:. I need to carry an extra prop or two for the Minn Kota if it's going to stay like this, cuz the one on there now has a custom look to it :smile2:.
  5. jerry9497

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    Tobaccoville NC
    I went up there last weekend, it was shallow, alot of people fishing the groove so that made it worse. I did get up there and caught about 3 small shad.:confused2: I havnt seen it this week