Badin Lake report 5-6-08

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    Went to badin from 12- dark caught 9, 13, 21 lbers and several channels, I think I may have caught a white cat or either a really lite blue! The fish we caught were here and there not sure what the cats are doing right now! and sad to say we missed alot of strong pull downs ?? im guessing maybe flats? anyway got bait in Garr creek . better luck in the morning maybe ! heres a pic of the 13 lber all fish were CPR .

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    Good lookin cat there Keith cant wait to get my boat fixed so I can get back out there!!

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    The next time you catch one take a close look at the anal fin. That's the fin closest to his butt. On the blue cat that fin is fairly long and straight. On the channel cat it's shorter and more rounded. On the white cat it's even shorter and more rounded. If you want to get right down to it you can count the number of rays in the anal fin. The white has 19-22 rays, the channel has 24-29 and the blue always has 30 or more rays. Also, the white cat has a very wide head, kinda like a male channel catfish. I went for years thinking that all the whites I caught were male channels, until someone showed me the difference. You can catch them by the dozens at Falls of the Neuse Reservoir in Raleigh. They're good eating fish but they'll worry you to death if you're trying to catch larger fish. The NC record white catfish is 13 pounds but I've personally never seen one over about 3 pounds.
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    Brother CKT, the fish that you are holding in the photo. is a blue catfish. It has the deep V cut in it's tail. The white catfish V is small at the tail and only comes in about 1/4 the distance. Mac