Badin Lake Pier?

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    Ramseur, North Carolina
    Howdy catfishin men and women!! I was just sittin here wonderin if ne one has ever fished from Badin pier?? I dont even know if theres enough water to fish from the pier right now but i would like to know if it would be a waste of time to go?? We went to a small spot the other night @ Deep River and caught a few Bullhead bout 1&1/2 lbs but nothin to brag about!! Im not givin up till NOV. 11, thats when gun season comes in and ill be in the woods every chance I get!! LOL Thanx Yall
  2. CMJ

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    Finding big cats at Badin can be tough from a boat, I'm not saying you can't catch anything there off the pier, but I wouldn't get my hopes up for much. There are some giants in Badin, you would be better off to be in a boat so you could look for them......good luck