Badin Lake or Lake Tillery, South Carolina

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  1. cliff n york

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    south carolina
    im in sc but would like to come there and fish both lakes. but i need to know which one is better for bank fishing for now.
  2. catfishrus

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    cliff i would say badin would have more areas to get to for bank fishing on the upper end of the lake than tillery. badin has some giant fish in it and tillery has the numbers with some really nice fish in it. tillery has some bank fishing at the morrow mountain state park but you have to fish their hours which i dont know. they have a boat landing and a fishing pier at the park and you can walk up to the dam but its a 1 mile walk along the shoreline with spots to fish. i have never fished from there but i see people doing it. the park also has some camping if that what your want to do, but its not on the water. badin also has some camping area that one could fish from the bank. as for the fishing at either one it has been slow but it looks to be picking up in the last week or so. hope this helps


    JDWILLIS39 New Member

    Badin Lake has some bank fishing.. Arrowhead Camp Ground is forest service camp ground on east side of lake. ( ) There is boat ramp about 1/2 mile away and bank fishing there. Never fished from the bank a lot there but see people doing. About mile or so the other way (from camp ground) is a public fishing pier. I have never fished from it and if I remember right (???) you have walk couple 100 yards to get to it. There are some more places but don't know much about them.
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    There is a good article about the Yadkin river chain of lakes in the July issue of NC Game and Fish magizine that should answer all of your questions.