Badin Lake, NC fishing results:

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    Thanks for the replies Mintaka and BigBird. I fished Badin Lake monday-tuesday; 2pm to 9am. I only caught a 3# and 5# cat, pitiful. Don't assume the fish aren't biting though, I may simply be doing something wrong.
    I fished (anchored) from my 18' aluminum jon-boat from 10 driftmaster rod holders spaced evenly around entire boat. 10 - 7' med-heavy ugly sticks with ambassadeur 6600 baitcasters (with bait clickers) spooled with 30# mono and 50# mono leaders. 2 - 4oz pyramid sinkers and 8/0 sharpened straight hooks on 3 way rigs (pyramid weights needed to hold bottom in current). 3" - 5" Frozen shad (bought at Citgo store at the lake). (Sounds like a NASCAR interview, don't it?). Fan casted forward-back-sideways-corners as far as I could cast. Stayed at each location 60 to 90 minutes each. New baits at most new locations.
    Badin Lake is a 5,350 acre reservoir with max depth of 190'. Air temp was 30 to 48 degrees. Water temp was 49 to 52 degrees. Calm at first, ending very windy.
    It has rained alot lately, so I figured on fishing below the upriver (Tuckertown Dam) dam, since they should be releasing alot of water, creating current.
    I fished 2-3:15pm 100 yards below the dam in 7' of water, no bites. 4-5pm: first hole I could find going down river, 23' deep, no bites. Next hole I could find, 36' deep, no bites. (only 1 bait lost so far). 8-10pm, mouth of Gar creek, 31' deep, no reel-clickers sounded, but something bit off the back half of several baits (gars or turtles?). Anchored north of Graveyard Island in 35' casting into deeper water, no bites. Anchored north of Palmer Island, (100' deep very close to land), caught the 5# blue, but lines kept getting hung-up on the bottom. Fished a 25' deep hump halfway between Palmer and Graveyard Island with 50' deep water close enough to cast to, caught the 3# blue. Fished east side of point opposite Palmer Island. No bites and kept getting hung up on mussel shells (blue cat food?) Wind got too bad, so I came home.
    Depthfinder showed baitfish everywhere on the lake, but they were suspended in the mid water-column. Most-all big fish on depth finder were 50' deep or shallower. Most big fish were suspended in the middle of the baitfish schools. If I were to go back soon; I would drift fish to cover more area or BETTER drift or troll with bait at vary depths in mid water column.
    My thinking is the water has not got cold enough to mass kill the shad, so they fall to the bottom, and create the blue cat feeding frenzy. Also, my mistake in thinking the big blues are going to swim all the way to the dam when it rains and then swim back down when they are not releasing water.
    Note: jalapeno vienna sausages: cold: out of the can: good. Chef Boyardee Beef Raviloi: cold: out of the can: NOT good.
    Mintaka, your right! I saw 2 boats motor up to the Tuckertown Dam and throw cast-nets blindly for shad, and they seemed to be doing well.
    I know it sounds like I had gasoline on my hands when handling the bait or something to keep the fish from even touching it but I try to not get foreign smells around the bait.
    Trick I learned: At Santee Cooper, long ago, I fell asleep catfishing one night with the boats running lights on; safety first. I awoke to a dead battery. I traded the starting and trolling batteries and got the boat started, but still scary. Now, I have bolted a 2' section of pvc to the back of the boat seat and light a tiki torch after dark and save the running lights and batteries. The tiki torch makes sure no one runs into my boat at night and allows me to watch the rods and bait hooks (with aid of a head-lamp). The citronella oil also somewhat keeps bugs down in the summer, but don't get citonella scent on your bait.
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    Good, comprehensive report. Badin is notorious for hit 'em or miss 'em. Welcome to the BOC from Bennettsville, SC.

    Bill in SC


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    Good report man! Just keep after it and you'll start getting them eventually! Just takes time and like Bill said Badin can be extremely hit or miss.
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    badin is tough. i like it there but have yet to put in a real good day there.
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    I will concur. I know it has potential , but good days are few and far between. The last really good one was several months ago. You just have to persist. I fish from shore and have traveled to alot of the ramps and PFA's yet I have a running total of 27 fish over the past 2 years , lol!! I really believe I can go there and break all of my current records. Hopefully , anyway...