Badin Lake 5/26/08

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  1. Tubby Catfishin

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    Ramseur, North Carolina
    Went w/ my brother (Monstercatmatt) yesterday to Badin for some afternoon cattin and man what a time we had!! Really had trouble catchin bait....mostly lookin for perch ....they were catchin shad by the bucket fulls right on the walls of the dam but no matter how hard we tried we just couldnt find the perch. We wound up w/ 1 perch and other baitfish and went fishin. 1st drift produced a blue bout 5lbs went back and set up for another drift across the same path. Put out 6 cat rods and one bait rod hopin to catch some perch while doin a lil cattin..... then all HELL broke loose......I look over to see my little bitty Zebco33 reel and 6' rod doubled over and thought it was snagged..... when I picked up on it though I could feel a fish and figured it wasnt nothin to get exited about......seeing as how there was only a SMALL PIECE OF NIGHT CRAWLER ON A #2 BAIT HOOK...... guys this lil rod stayed doubled over like that for at least 20 min and I landed my PB flathead @ just over 17lbs on a Zebco33 reel spooled w/ 12lb test.. During the fight I managed to draw a small audience from a ski boat who were circling to pick up ther skier when I hooked up w/ this fish.......they left their skier just floatin in the water while they all watched the fight. I got an applause when we landed the fish. Man if yall wanna really challenge yourselves land a fish like that oon a tiny lil bait rod.....Ill give this to Zebco.....Ive now got a whole new outlook on there lil ol' 33's!!! Over all we caught 1 blue, 2 flatheads, and 2 channels. 2nd flat caught in the cast net right next to the dam. Turned em all loose exept for the Blue which went to my Dad!

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    FATFLATTIE New Member

    ILM, NC
    Nice fish man! I got my first flathead out of the river this year on the bait rod with a little piece of shrimp. Nowhere near the size of the one you got but it can happen.

  3. Brad0828

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    north carolina
    Great catch, I use to only fish with 33's, when I was 10, but I still like them! They are a great reel. Maybe I need to put my ambassadeurs away and use them again. lol
  4. Tomahawk

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    Afew years ago I caught a 48lb flat on 10lb test, on a med size spinning outfit. Took me a hour at least to get it in. One wrong move on my part and it would of been over. Thats not fun catching a fish that size on light tackle.
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    Nice fish!! I was fishing Badin last week and caught a small flattie on a bait rod. It was only about 6 lbs but a heck of a fight. couldn't imagine what you went through. Thanks for sharing your story and hope to see you on the water!! i'm at badin every weekend!!
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    Wow, nice Fish. Kinda makes you wonder sometimes when stuff like that happens. You make all those nice offerings to them, and then they bite a little worm. Conragts on the new PB, I'm sure it makes it 10x better knowing you brought him in on "33".
  7. Topname

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    Sounds like you had some fun . ummm this might be a silly question but what does pb mean:embarassed:
  8. bigdmat

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    pb= personal best