Badin Lake, 4/21

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    I fished Badin yesterday from about 5 AM until about 3 PM. Got bait at the dam, it's scattered, but it's up there. mainly threadfins and herring. Fished up river and caught 12 cats and 2 stripers. Biggest cat was a 28 lb. blue, an 18 lb. flathead and another blue about 12 lb. had several channels and a couple smaller flatheads as well. Caught all the cats on cutbait, got one striper on cutbait and another on a freeline threadfin up in the rocks at the dam while anchored. Bite shut down about 1030AM so I headed down the lake and drifted around a while on some spots I know. picked up 2 nice channels drifting down there and hooked another nice fish that broke my leader. I saw a big fat tail flop on top of the water when I was fighting him and then nothing. Had a great time!