Badin April 23th

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  1. Tomahawk

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    Well the flats are starting to bite. Went out this morning and started fishing about an hour before daylight. I caught three flats from 15-22lbs. Also lost a bigger one, line snapped when I set the hook. Aslo got one 6lb striper. I found that they were running water this morning. Usally they don't on the weekends. I was moslty fishing up river. Shad were hard to come by this morning. Probley go back out later in the week. Water up river was at 65*. See-ya.
  2. maddcatter

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    Newark, Oh
    Well heck yeah, a great fishing trip.

  3. Rookie12

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    Kannapolis, NC
    Good deal, I might try to head out this week myself sometime. where where you catching bait. There are plenty way back in the back of Garr Creek. Big Gizzards about 5" long and bigger. Did you catch them on live or cut bait. Time to get out the slip floats I guess. I got a big hit on one the other day. That is cool. The fish crushed a big ol' 8" gizzard. No hookup though. Also, was that striper full of eggs or spawned out yet? let me know when you're going out. later!!
  4. HHinNC

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    North Carolina
    Thanks for the Badin report. I hope to get over that way soon when my boat gets out of the shop. It sounds like you had a great morning !
  5. Mpayne

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    I made it to Badin today and caught 4 nice channels up near the dam. It was
    nice that they we releasing water for a change on the weekend. I had one
    that started to head up river, and like you when I went to set the hook the line popped. It had taken my rod while in the rod holder and reversed the direction it was facing in the boat from down stream to facing the dam.

    The only problem I had was as I was catching fish other boats were coming right where I was fishing and started dropping their anchors as if there was nothing wrong with what they were doing. I told both of them to leave, which they finally did. A little later two other boats can in stated to set up right where I had been casting. It was time I decided to move on, I went down stream and still caught fish..........