Badin 5-24

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    Met one of my buddies rob128146 at badin and did some fishing sun night. We picked up one nice blue 17lb. It weighed 16.8 and 18.5 between the two sets of scales. The blue hit early following a hard rain and we thought we were in for a good night but the rest of the evenings was followed by channels and whites. We got a couple of pull downs but no big hookups. Tried all depths of water from up river to the golf course.
    We did catch the largest gizzard shad i have caught for the year and have not caught them bigger except at santee. These gizzards were at least 10". I thought that was pretty good for the cast net during the afternoon.:smile2:
    The water was real muddy from recent rain and the jet skiers and tubers provided the rest. It was a beutiful night after the rain and absolutely no wind, I have never been on badin when it was slick like that.:cool2:

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    it's only slick like that when you have ice on your mustash bigbird:smile2: memorial weekend is useally the worst but with rain it was a little subdued. guess the peak is yet to come:confused2:

    good catch,