Bad then good

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    I hit Dillon today after a bummer night on the mighty Muskingum.My drifting buddy Randy went to the river last night with me-he had a hard but short run on a bluegill and I didn't even have a bump.SO,we decided to try Dillon this afternoon.Started about 5:00PM-it was bad-couple of those bullheads and a couple of dink channels in the first hour and a half-we moved three times to different drift locations.Around 6:30 I drifted an area of deeper water and BANG-it was on.We caught 19 fish in an hour and 15 min.It was a short drift so we hit it three times.Bigest fish was a 6-2 and had 14 over 4 pounds.None of the 7 to 10 pound stuff we catch there but bigger than average.It was rocking.Using shad about 3-4 inches long.Stated bad-ended good.Good fishing and be safe.
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    Glouster, Ohio
    Sounds like a great time, Never fished the Lake for Cats , Just the Licking River below it.