Bad Storms

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by MRR, Jul 20, 2006.

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    Had some bad stormsgo through the ST LOUIS,MO. area this evening. Last I heard there was at least 70000 people without eletrictry. They said there is 42000 at the ball game and that METRO LINK is down,just wonder how many rode it to the game and now have to figure out how to get back to thier cars.Could be a long night for some folks.
    We got lucky it missed us by one county. Guess the good Lord was looking out for this ol boy and family.We never even had any wind .2 building calasped in St.Louis. 2 big trucks was blown over on the I270 bridge going over the Missiouri River. Wouldn't of wanted to be in either truck ,long way's down to the river. They said that it's the worse storm to hit that area in a looooooooong ,looooooooong time. Can't believe they really got the game over.
  2. flathead willie

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    We had some good ones here tonight about 5:30. Took my computer out while I was checking out the BOC. It also broke over my pepper plants. I love me a good pepper!

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    GC, OHIO
    Prayers are sent for all families without electricity and that may of had any danger to em.
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    Kenai, AK
    My prayers go out to the people that are affected by this storm.

    I have to mention that around midnight last night, I heard thunder outside and wondered what was going on as we were not expecting anything. I then turned on the Weather Channel and we here at Lakeview had a "Severe Thunderstorn Warning" with winds up to 60 mph.

    After disconnecting my computer from the wall outlet, I went outside on my porch to watch the lightning and it was nice...a little wind went through, but nothing really to get excited about. Thne it stopped as fast as it started...just a glip and nothing more.

    I'm surmising now that it was a little fallout from the St. Louis storm.

    Everybody be and stay safe...we're in for a bumpy weekend the forecasters say.
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    Ft. Belvoir, VA
    I was really worried for me and my family last night when Security Forces came driving down the street last night with their lights on when I was outside. They told me to get inside and seek shelter, there was a tornado heading our way. With all the tornado's last night, heavy winds, and heavy rain it was a bad night. Luckily here on base everything just blew over us, just got some heavy winds. But you guys on the Mo side were hit pretty hard, I was looking through some of the pics in the St. Louis Dispatch today online, wow!
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    I was caught in this storm about 5 miles South of Collinsville on I-55 about 7:20 last night. It was the worst storm I've been in and honestly feared for life at one point. I was driving home from work and the wind had really picked up when I crossed Mississippi. As I continued the rain gradually worsened to the point that people were pulling over and I was going about 20 MPH. At it's worst point I was idling along and couldn't see at all. The wind was blowing debris and pinning it to the side of my truck. The wind was so powerful at this point that it felt like my trick was going to roll over. Lighting was striking very close and on all sides of me. People were stopped in the middle of a 3 lane interstate. I decided that I was probably in the eye of a tornado and refused to sit at a stand still and let it have it's way with me. I was cutting in and out of parked cars and driving basically blind. I made it out and can say that it at least makes you appreciate life a little more.
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    Hey Dirt, if your skeered, just say your skeered! Gimme a call tonite, I got clearance to go fishin. They ought to be bitin tonight. Been wantin to try out the new rod holders.
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    we got hit last night the power went out for about 2 hours here in the RTP area and all the computer guys went crazy.
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    Guthrie, Oklaho
    The weather really is nothing to laugh about, but if you want to see some real bad storms, watch the Science Fiction Channel. Make tornados look like wind gusts...and all the different types of storms they can have at one time. You gotta laugh...thank goodness nature does not take its cue from SciFi.