Bad Storm Here In O'fallon Illinois

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by HARVRAD2003, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. HARVRAD2003

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    Tonight O'fallon Illinois and surrounding areas were hit by another big storm. Went to a home fellowship that our Church has once a month and while we were there the storm hit O'fallon about 5-5:30 p.m. with a tornado touching down in Fairview Heights and also one hitting down North of O'fallon. The one that hit Fairview Heights Illinois collapsed a building---don't know about any deaths but someone said it looked very promising. One of the couples at our Church home fellowship lived North of here and they got a call afterwards saying that the tornado touched down in there neighborhood blowing roofs off of most of the houses around theirs, the Praise report was that their house was untouched by the storm while others around theirs were damaged. God is good he does answer prayers, He is in the saving buisness in more ways than one.
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    Marion Ark
    Lots of storms hitting, members in Arkansas, Missour, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi let us know how you are. I am in marion AR and we had some damage.

  3. HARVRAD2003

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    Seems like the storm was pretty quick and destructive here in O'fallon and the surrounding areas---I know there are other States as mentioned that are or have been in this same situation this afternoon--I pray that all are safe and sound. We all here are just fine it missed the area of town where we live praise God, I know there are other areas in the U.S. tonight in not such a forntunate situation and they all need our prayers.
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    Severe thunderstorm watch here until 1AM. I watched the lightning for a little while this evening at dusk. By the time it got here, I had forgotten all about it and was in the a big dummy.

    Y'all take care out there and keep us posted.
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    Yea we got hit hard too at home (Edwardsville), but I was actually driving back to school in Columbia, Mo when it hit and I drove right through it on 270 west of St. Louis. It got pretty nasty and lots of people were pulling to the side of the road. It was hailing, heavy rains, HIGH winds, etc. Hope everyone made it ok.
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    It pretty much died down into wind rain and some thunder by the time it got here. Unfortunetly these storms happen like this when it finaly decides to warm up for the spring.

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    Ya'll take care & stay safe.
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    it was upon us quick.
    had been overcast most of the morning then the sun came out
    we had even thought about takeing boat out to check out the motor for a bit and decideed that there was tioo much stuff to do around the house instead. fortuanatly we weren't on a lake.
    iwas under our carport working on or mower and the sky was pretty much hidden from me the kids were in the backyard playing when i hasppened to notice it was darkening i got up and looked out over the roof and it looked black !
    i told the kids to get in side and my son and i hurried up and put stuff we had out in the garage but it was too late it started blowing hard and sounded scarey . i now think maybe it was the tail edge of a tornado , or
    the storm was trying to form one as this wind was straight at you and very strong the rain was stinging.
    as soon as we got inside the hail came . after it hit us we turned the news on and i dont know about the time the news was sending out
    warnings , but our sirens never went off .
    as a tornado can appear and vanish at any time dureing a storm i think
    someone dropped the ball on our area for a weather alert.
    all we got was very strong winds and a bit of hail and less rain
    but my dad is without electric he lives in line with us over in fairveiw heights.
    seems the storm went over us and then touched down .
    my wifes sister and there family were in one of those neighborhoods that got hit in ofallon , some roofs were taken off fences downed and sideing peeled off on hundreds of homes.
    theirs fortunatly came away with a few shingles missing some siding off
    and my brotherinlaws truck had the bed topper ripped off .
    dad and them both have no electric as fairveiw got pummled and powerlines were snapped in half.
    hope everyone is safe and those without power get it back quickly.
    i better get our generator running its that time of year again.