Bad Problems On a lake in South East Mo.

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  1. Joe Car

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    Sunday I decided to go catfishing about 8:00pm. I wen't to a secluded small lake in a private community close to home. The lake only has about 3 homes on the property. About 11:00 pm the lake is bubbling with cats who are eating food that I had tossed out.
    When out of know where I here two guys talking and being loud on a dock, laughfing. I then could hear one talk about how it would be funny to shoot a fire work and mess up my fishing. One of the guys then shoots a huge rocket into the air causing it to disturb my fishing. Owe it gets better.
    These guys then see me pull in a nice size eater channel. Instead of them two clowns staying on the far side of the lake and let me enjoy my fishing they decide to come towards me. They then paddle a floating dock approximately 40 yards from where Im fishing. keep in mind im completely on the other side of the lake not bothering anyone and alone just fishing quitely.
    One of the guys then starts urinating in the water where im fishing. I then loose my mind. I cursed both of the guys and demanded that they paddle themselves back to wear they came from before I WHIP BOTH Of Them.
    Because Joe Car is 300lbs, 6'1 and is not afraid of two drunk men wanting to cause problems. And would be glad to give them an attitude adjustment out there in God's country.
    You would have thought they seen a ghost. I never seen two drunk ittiouts paddle a floating dock back to their house so fast before in your life. They didn't even curse me back or say a word. They were completely caught off guard by what I told them.
    I wish they would have challenged me or said something. Because I had every intention to cast my line onto their party barge and reel in them two ittiouts and give them a good country whoopin.
    Hope you never have this problem??

    Joe Car
    Hank Williams Once said
    beware of rocks that you throw, see these teeth that I aint got or these knots on my bald head, well I tell yah folks that I didn't get them laying home in the bed
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    Commerce, Oklahoma
    I know how you feel i have dealt with people like that before. Maybe you scared them enough to make them think twice about doing it again.


    BIG GEORGE New Member

    The world is full of em. LOL! Contoled breedin is the only answer. LOL! Luv the way ya dealt with it.
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    Man, you done better than I would of! LOL I know how you felt though. I once had a guy follow me around in the shallows in a boat because he saw I was catching fish and he wasn't! I was wade-fishing with a long-rod (longrodding and floating crawdads) and when I told him he was too close he pulled a gun on me...A little 25 but still... so I beat his butt, threw him on the bank and called the law on him. Caught a nice pickeral that day too! LOL One word...ALCOHOL. (they oughtta ban the evil stuff)
  5. BajaCoop

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    Nah they don't need to ban alcohol we just need to be able to ban stupid people.

    Maybe we can get the classified as an invasive species threatening our natural habitat and then we could have open season on them.

    Whadda think?
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    But it does have something to do with Drinking. Stupid people I agree!! I was a nurses assistant in a Nursing Home,several years ago! It was during the Christmas Holiday. A man came into to visit his elderly mother.Folks! He was so intoxicated,I felt so bad for his mother! She was Alert and oriented to everything.Here her son comes,and he can't even stand up.He fell several times just getting to her room.When he got to her room,he bellowed out "Merry Christmas Mom" She was so red in the face and speechless. The Director of Nursing was summoned,and she said Sir you need to leave,Why I want to see my Mom,Falling down grabbing the bed and pulling himself up.Well we finally got him to leave,but he practically had to crawl to the exit door. I felt so bad for his Mother.She was so embarrassed!! So I totally agree with the person who stated stupid people.:crazy:
  7. Kutter

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    Arnold, MO
    Now there ya go! Wheres that petition so I can sign it? lol
  8. Whiskeyriver

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    Whoa folks. Let's not rush to sign any petitions. I am an ER nurse and without stupid people and alcohol I would be out of a job and unable to afford that new Ranger boat I have been eyeballin:smile2:
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    I am not going to agree with you all here. Joe, confronting them was fine, though it would have been better to ignore it (it was just a bottle rocket and pee, that is no big deal). But threatening them was actually illegal if the eyes of the law.
    I don’t think this event with the drunks was just a simple misunderstanding, they were clearly harassing you. But what you described above is actually assault, as in your could be charged if these two fools wanted to go to the police. (And yes, if the bottle rocked was more than harassment and if you feared for your safety when they shot a bottle rocket at you, that was assault as well. But two wrongs…. ).
    I am not saying that you weren’t justified in telling them your mind, but when you threatened there safety in return, that was a misstep, and probably not where you wanted things to go anyhow.
    Joe, you asked what people think. I think that you should hear a different perspective. Unless you fear for your safety and can not get away, it always best policy to let the law play law.
  10. Kutter

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    Arnold, MO
    I've been hurt by bottle rockets in the past, I will not stand by and get hurt again by somebody who wants to harm me. Nor am I the slightest worried about the law. As a former long time police supervisor, I can tell you no second assault took place, only self defense. HAD he actually physically hurt them, that might be a different story. Notice I said "might"? If he reasonably felt the only way to get them to stop, was to physically stop their dangerous behavior toward him, he MAY have gotten out of any charges. Simply verbally threatening them to stop their behavior that was a danger to him, is perfectly in line with self defense.
    I am not condoning assault in any way. It is my belief from reading his story, that he may have prevented things from escalating, by his threats. As it turned out, they stopped their assault due to his actions.
    It boils down to what a reasonable person would do under those circumstances. I think he did the right thing, both reasonably and legally.
  11. fabius_river_rat

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    I have to totally agree with Kutter. If he had not verbally confronted them, then they might have kept coming on in to the shore. And then he would have wooped them both. So I would say he probaly did them a favor by warning them what could possibly happen if they continued harrasing.