Bad offences in winning teams

Discussion in 'NFL Talk' started by Little Luey, Dec 4, 2006.

  1. Little Luey

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    Which offence was worse, the Super Bowl Ravens offence or the 06 Bears offence?

    That Ravens team also had a great deffence that carry the team to the Super Bowl, can Chicago's D carry them to the big show?
  2. FishBrew

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    IMO - its not points that make an offense "bad", its turnovers and negative plays. In the playoffs, if the offense is constantly putting the D in a bad spot (short field), it tends to catch up with them.
    The Ravens did not score alot, but they could run it, did not turn it over much, and won the field position battle in most cases.
    When you have a really strong D, just having an offense that is making first downs, field goals, and an occasional TD can take you a long ways.
    Chicago's D is good enough in my opinion that it is possible for them to win it all with the offense never have a passing TD. But if you tell me the Bears offense is going to average 2 - 3 turnovers a game ... that's another matter.

  3. dreamcatcher

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    The Ravens offense was better, not because it was exciting...they just didn't turn the ball over as was stated. To say that Chicago's offense is inconsistent is an understatement. Rex threw for 34 yards against the 31st ranked pass defense in the NFL? That isn't going to get it done in the playoffs regardless of where the game is. It's bad to say, but of all the playoff bound teams he is the biggest question mark on offense. Rex needs to recognize that he has a top tier defense, and turn into a Trent Dilfer clone instead of trying to be like Jim McMahon.:big_smile:
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    Defense wins games.... A well rounded discipline team wins championships
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    Victor said it best. He needs to go out and just not turn the ball over. Stop trying to score on every pass play and just play smarter and error free football!!