Bad night turned good

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    The night started out promising with a small flathad right off the bat. Until....................(yawn) about 2 hrs later, without so much as a bite, I start lookin to get outta there. I go reel in and check my bait. The goldfish is still kickin so at least I ain't out there just feedin em. I aint too happy so I just heave that poor little goldfish as hard as I can and was happy to see it didnt go to the moon. I jam my rod handle in the good ol Kaw River mud, set the clicker, & since I have nothin better to do, go weigh the one & only fish besides our bait. I get about 20 yds. away and my brother Lucky yells at me, "your pole, your pole"!! Not getting too exited I yell back, "is it runnin" ?? He quickly lets me know it was so I go to runnin. He was right, my reel was just a whizzin. Normally I would get excited but after feedin the gar for the 3 nights prior I didnt. I pick it up, lock it in, line goes tight, then I gently pull, it pulls back harder than I did. Now I get exited. The fight is on. I fought for about a 1/2 hour before Lucky grabbed it only after he missed 2 net attempts then raised the net over his head like he was choppin wood. I thought he was going to beat up my fish:smile2:. I wasnt too happy because it didnt look as big as his 25# he got a couple weeks earlier. I got it on the scale, he read it as it was goin and he just kept gettin higher with the numbers. 37# on 30# line, 8 ft. Ugly Stick, WalMart bait caster. Then I got happy.