Bad night at coffeen, decent back at home.

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    Well it all started great, me and my brother had a friday night free (the women finally let us go out for a night:tounge_out:). So its about 6 p.m. when we are turning off IL RT 127 by that huge power substation, we get to the parking lot and to my suprise there isnt a single sole there, just a couple of trucks and boat trailers i thought man this is great no drunks, no loud mouths, nobody! Just the the geese which is fine by me. We set up shop on the rock pier that sticks out with the grill/fire pit on the end of it (i'm sure most of you know where i'm talking about). I get my gear out, baited up with some sonnys in the coves, and hurled some cut gill way out to east jesus, well as close to the main channel as i could get. 15 min go by and we both catch a lil fiddler a piece, i'm talkin the kind that are just big enough to fit the hook on the dip tube rig in their mouth, but we thought eh its only 7 the fishing will pick up. 8 p.m. nothing 9 p.m. nothing finally at around 9:30 i was ready to try anything so i caught a small 3 inch sunfish and just some line and a hook (i only had my cat poles). I took that poor lil guy put put a #4 circle hook through his back right under the dorsal fin, tied about 3 feet of leader to it and poped a tennis ball size float on there and tossed that right by a small log jam in the back of a cove. at about 11 a small 3LB flatty was hungry and slamed my float rig. He was no trophy but it was enough to get my head back into the game. Only to be let down by 1 a.m. we had not gotten even a nibble. We packed up our gear and headed back for town i was done wasting bait and was ready to go. BUT we still had the rest of the night so we came back and hit up the local watering hole for about an hour laughed about the fishing, got a bite to eat and headed home for some zzzzzzzz's. The fishing sucked but its not too often i get a night out with my brother on the lake so all in all it really wasent a bad time.

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    Sorry to hear the fishing didnt do so well, but good you got to spend some time with your brother.
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