Bad news for one, good news for another

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    Yesterday I had a fellow who had a party of four people and he wanted to go striper fishing today. I informed him that it would be 22 degrees at first light today, with wind out of the NW at 12 MPH at first light. He said so, what are you saying. I told him that if it was just 22 degrees with little or no wind, I would take them, but with 12 to 15 MPH no way. Then he told me that he normally went with Capt. Gus and Capt. Craig but they were both booked today or they would have taken his party. I told him thanks, but no thanks. Capt. Gus called me this morning about something else and I told him the story about his referral and what transpired and then I asked him where he was fishing. I ain't fishing he said, it's too damn cold, I'm home doing some articles for the newspaper. Now I know how to take care of extreme cold weather request when they occur.

    Now the good news. Every month I receive a request to fill out a fishing supply survey and I've often wondered if anyone ever won the monthly prize of $100. Now I know that they do.

    "You have won a $100 Gift Certificate for participating in the or last month!

    Please reply with your full name, mailing address and the sporting goods retailer you would like your gift certificate from (and contact information for the sporting goods retailer). You must reply within 30 days to receive your gift certificate."

    If you receive a survey in the mail or by e-mail, spent and little time filling it out and you might be the lucky one!
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    Smart move staying outta that cold with 10 - 15 mph wind gust to boot !!!!! Also CONGRATS on winning the survey !!!!!

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    Survey says........................... CHA-CHING!!!!!!!!!!:big_smile:
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    Lol, i like it. Congrats Mac
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    That was a good call Mac. Dangerous getting too cold. Congrats on the $100 winnings...WTG:cool2: