Bad Moon Rising

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    Y'all better get on home before this bad weather gets here. TDOT has already salted the roads yesterday. All bread, milk, and booze is already sold out in most stores. Schools are closed indefinitely. We're expected to get anywhere from 2" to 6" of snow = disaster area. The local TV channels keep pre-empting every program on the air every 10 minutes.

    1)When it snows, the roads can get slick. Put chains on your car or buy some snow tires.
    2)When wet roads freeze, they create ice. Ice gets slick. Slick roads mean cars can easily slip and slide.
    3)Cold weather--If you go outside, wear a coat, hat, and gloves. They will keep you warm. If you have to go anywhere in your car, roll up all car windows, run the heater and defroster, they will keep you warm.
    4)If you're inside, make sure all your windows are closed and you turn up the heat. This will keep you warm

    Wow, if I'm almost 57 years old and didn't know all this already. Thank goodness for the news media. I might have froze to death if I hadn't been warned of all this.