Bad local baitshops

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by chrisblue, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. chrisblue

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    Anybody else have baitshops in your area where the people that own the place are just plain rude and not informative at all and look at you like they want to choke you when you tell em you need bait.Baitshops are there to help people catch fish whether its selling them bait or just giving a report but theres one next to my house that is the excact opposite.Anybody else have this problem.
  2. Greg32

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    Northeast Kansas
    I stopped at one for the first time on Friday only a few miles where I get my 'gills for catfishing. It is a combo liquor store/"bait shop". The small room for bait/tackle was closed off to the a/c'd liquor store and the only ventilation came from a small open window and an industrial fan, blowing air that was at least 100 degrees. The tackle section contained 6 pony spools of 4lb line that were so dust covered I believe Carter was president when he stocked them. The live bait tanks were in sad shape, no circulating water to them, the temps in the tanks were equal to the room, most minnows and gold fish were already dead and floating. Night crawlers were kept in a cooler with what I'll asume was ice as when I opened it the containers were under water. Needless to say I didn't buy anything there and I won't go back.


    P.S. don't get me started on wally world... the sporting goods dept associates here are a little un-educated when it comes to the dept.

  3. SilverCross

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    Fairbury, Illin
    Ifn they ain't friendly then they can keep thier bait and I'll go somewhere else. Pretty soon they will be out of bussiness anyway. My cousin use to have a bait and tackle shop, at least an eighth of an inch of dirt on things, needless to say he doesn't have it anymore eiter.
  4. catchinghogs

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    I have two tackle shops within a mile of my house. One is a small one that is family operated out of there house and the other is a big one.The smaller one the people are freindly and just all around nice. The bigger store everyone seems to have an attitude and thier prices are real high. One of the guys that works at the big store asked me about my biggest flathead I caught and wanted a picture of it. So i brought one into give him and he said he would put it in his fishing bible I saw pics in there that had flatheads 50, 60,and 70 pounds. I later found out that he goes to a certain ******* not far from here.
  5. rushing

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    There is nothing I would like more than to support a local bait shop but they are jerks and have been for years. On top of that they have nothing I want to buy there. I seriously have no idea how they stay in business!
  6. Gibbzilla

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    East Texas
    I love the folks that work at my local bait shop! Very polite and informative, not to mention they have very good bait tanks, with several different kinds of bait fish, and they also have catalpa, wax, meal, red, and green worms, not to mention several guns and hunting clothing. Great place.
  7. blackhorse83

    blackhorse83 New Member

    I only stop at a place like that one time, after that I'll drive to somewhere else so I don't have to put up with it.
  8. MRR

    MRR New Member

    We have one about 6 miles from us. They have just about anything you want for fishing or hunting. Only bait they can't seem to get is gill's. He said yesterday that they are hard to come by. Troy does a lot of tournments so he knows what it's all about. Only thing is he sure is proud of his used guns.
  9. dreamer34

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    danville virginia
    don't have but 1 local baitshop here....hmmmmm maybe i should look into opening a home business??????
  10. FS Driver

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    we got one about a mile or so from my house and the lady that runs it is very helpful in passing on any tips or advice .
    she is available 24/7 just ring the bell once and she will get up at any time of night or day and let you in !!!!
    just dont make her mad or she will let you have a verbal blast that could
    make a sailor blush:lol: .

    i mess with her when we get her up early am
    i say my you look lovely this morning and she tells me get yer &^*^%$%^ worms and get the (*&^* out whistle d&^%:tounge_out: :tounge_out: :tounge_out: :tounge_out: :tounge_out: :tounge_out:
  11. J.P.M.

    J.P.M. New Member

    If you are ever in south east ohio and go fishing at seneca lake make sure you get your bait before you head out . There's not one bait store that is worth a damn.
  12. kccats

    kccats New Member

    Olathe, Kansas
    Most bait shops that I have gone to just plain suck.
    Even if they have a good selection of what I am looking for,
    they very rarely have ANY information.
    I have never ever understood that.
    OKIEBUG in Tulsa was fantastic (that was 15 years ago and I don't know how they are now...)
    Not only did they carry about everything under the sun,
    they would tell you what was biting, where exactly they were biting, what to use and how to use it!
    Every single time we asked, they told us, we changed out plans to do what they said and got in to a lot of fish every time.
    One day, my Dad and I went in intending on going fishing the next day to Ft Gibson.
    At this point in our fishing lifes, we liked to fish for what ever was biting, so we asked. They said dont go to Ft Gibson, go to Grand Lake.
    Fish the coves in the early morning and evening with top water repalas and you will tear the bass up and big ones too.
    We bought a bunch of repalas, left early early am to get to Grand lake before the sun came up and had the best time ba@@ fishing we had ever had.
    Now OKIE BUG had it going on... and it was GREAT for business.
    Because of their tip, they sold a bunch of lures, and totaly won our confidence in them. We spent a lot of money in that store, and we told everyone we knew how great their store was.
    On the other hand, Ministota bait and tackle is a very old established store in KC, not too far from the Kaw and the MO.
    I asked them one day about places to fish the MO or the Kaw from the bank and they said they have no idea. NO IDEA. They have been blocks from the river for like 50 years and they did not know about any place to fish the river!
    BAD BAD BUSINESS to own a bait shop and treat it like a 7-11.
    Thier loss.
  13. chrisblue

    chrisblue New Member

    The reason I started this thread is because I finally found a good, friendly and informative baitshop.With this new one I found, it got me to thinkin about how crappy the other one was.
  14. barbel

    barbel New Member

    The bit about Minnesota Baits is kind of odd because it is one of two bait shops in this area. You would think being one of the two the people would go in there and would actually talk and give some info. I guess not though :confused2:
  15. paleocaver

    paleocaver New Member

    I've seen good and bad. Around here we're close to Lake Guntersville so everyone is all fired-up and stock mostly bass baits. One new one opened last year near the river, I went in and he ONLY had bass fishing stuff. There's one good one in Huntsville that has shad guts, all kinds of minnows/shiners and every type of live worm you need plus catfish hooks and lead. Also crappie fishing and sauger gear. Buster's is my kind of place.
  16. zappaf19

    zappaf19 New Member

    WOW I must be lucky I have 2 close to my house and both are family owned and both have very nice people running them! It's the kind of when you walk in they say hi and their are always people in there shooting the bull about fishing. Information flows freely and so does the bull. We have a walmart in town but why go there? I do admit the locals are slightly higher priced but I like supporting the 2 shops. Besides they both put out BOC card I gave them.
  17. kscathunter

    kscathunter New Member

    never been to minnesota baits so i am not trying to put them down or defend them but i heard they have a prettty good selecton and it is getting d@m hard to find a public place to bank fish on any river theise days.
  18. flatheadmaniac

    flatheadmaniac New Member

    well ive been to a few places they were just a big joke but i got one near me where they tell you anything you ask and are some of the most friendly people ive ever met they get a lot of my business. there always on top of the fish report as well.
  19. lock52_fisherman

    lock52_fisherman New Member

    My two local baitshops are horrible! One of them is closed down for the summer and when they are open in the spring they don't open up until 9:00 am the other one the people don't want to talk to you and their small minnow and large minnows are both the same size. what do you do maybe I should open my own shop too!
  20. SkiMax

    SkiMax Well-Known Member

    Rising Sun, IN
    There is a local baitshop by me that is fantastic! It is family owned and run out of their house. It is right by Markland Dam on the Ohio River so it caters to catfisherman. The whole 'shop' is no more than 25' x 20' but man is it packed full of gear! They have a bigger selection than bass pro. when the new Abu 10,000 came out he was the first in our area to get it, even before bass pro.

    The information flows very freely there and they always say what's biting. We walked in one day in March and told the lady we were going catfishing at the dam. She told us not to waste our time, go sauger fishing. So we listened and we spent the whole day catchin 2-4 pound sauger!

    What amazes me is their bait selection. It's phenomal. They have Large Shiners, Creek Chub, Bluegills, Shad, Skipjacks, Mooneyes, Goldfish, Bullhead Catfish. She catches all the skipjack and mooneyes herself and sells a bag of 3 large (10-14 inches) ones for 2 dollars. Amazing store. If you are ever in the area make sure to visit Sargeant Sissies!