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Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by IfishFORcatfish, Nov 11, 2006.

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    today i set out for catfish at this pond called heatthers farms. i used nightcrawlers and fish heads. . . came up with zip.. so i got mad and flung my bait out of the water ( lol ) and my friend dylan went to go grab it and we found a tackle box ! there was alot of bass stuff... so i set out for bass... i got one 6 pounder and one 4 pounder... but i gave the both away to a guy that look like he really wanted some fish and i think he wanted to show his son a good time so i just gave them it .... but any idea on what to use?

    also i think the pond is around 7 feet deep how do i get my bait to say of the bottom? oh and would frozen smelt work ???
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    Prolly should have just left it there for when they realized they forgot their tackle box...I'd be pretty angry to see somebody took for keeping the bait off the bottom....use a slip bobber.........or use a carolina rig and put a bobber on the leader.

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    Eric, catch some gills or whatever fish you're allowed to use and take all the scales off, then fillet it. Cut one inch strips from the fillets and put 2 or 3 on a 4 to 8 ought hook. You might also try some live gills if legal, bout the size of a silver dollar or a tad larger. Pitch the heads. try to fish thru the nite or 2 hours before dawn. Be quiet and cast just to the weed edge, then wait. the larger channels will cruise the weededge or bank looking for small fish to eat. You have to keep your bait close to the bank (1 to 5 ft) at nite. If you are fishing the daytime then cast out to the edge of the real deep water. Not in it just close to it.
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    I assume there are catfish in this pond. If you don't know for sure, check! Other than that, I would just stick to it. use what is in the pond. One pond around my way, you could sit all day and not catch a cat, but other times you will get some here and there. That's why we call it fishing:big_smile: