Bad Day: The Truck That Couldn't Float

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Ace, May 20, 2006.

  1. Ace

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    Gastonia N
    A few years back my wife and I were at Wateree Lake S.C. crappie fishing.
    We stayed up most of the night fishing. We decided to take a break and went to the truck to take a nap.About daylight we woke up to a big commotion.I got up to see what was going on.A man was putting his boat in the water .For what reason I don't know but his truck did not stop.All you could see was the top of the truck out of the water and the boat floating above it.The man had to swim out and hook a chain so this jeep could pull it out.

    :eek:h: :ah:

  2. ersel

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    Haughton Louisiana
    That happened about two months ago on the Red River. I didn't see it but they have pics at the marina. With next weekend being a holiday it won't suprise me what i see then.

  3. kspor

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    My mom was a claims adjuster for 20 years. She handled many of these claims. One the truck was so deep they had to hire a diver.
  4. Patmansc

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    Pat Chaney
    Guess those guys were so excited about goin fishin' that they forgot to take their vehicles out of gear and set the parking brake :crazy: :embarassed:
  5. rcneman

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    many years ago....i used to drag a 12' boat behind a VW rabbit. i worked swings, so after work i would head down to the lake and hit the 2-7 am catfish bite.

    one night after i got the trailer in the water and was backing the boat off the trailer, my emergency brake failed and the VW popped outta gear! :eek:oooh: I grabbed my tow line jump into the lake, raced toward my car and got my foot on the brake just as water was pouring into the floorboard!:waaaht:

    That was one very crazy experience.

  6. bmaultbay

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    Clarksville, Tennessee
    Can't say that I have ever had that happen or seen it. Of course I have only had my boat for a couple of months. But, I did lock my keys in the truck on the ramp. Got outta the truck, loaded boat on trailer, could not get in truck. That was interesting. Fortunetly there were two ramps at this location, or I am betting there would have been some really upset people. So now I leave my back window open when loading or unloading the boat.
  7. Nobody Special

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    A couple of years ago, my son and I were fishing at Cheatham Dam and we heard some guy yelling. I looked over and a Korean man was waving and screaming at us. We went down to the boat ramp and he ran down there and asked me to take him to get his boat. It was about 2 miles downstream and his truck and trailer were somewhere under the water at the end of the ramp. The cops were there when we left, but we didn't hang around to watch them recover it.
  8. PACAF

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    Several years ago I decided to pull my houseboat out of the water to do some cleaning. Knowing it took a semi to transport my houseboat I thought I could get away with using my truck to pull it out and launch it again.
    Pulling out was a breeze but launching resulted in the houseboat pulling the truck toward the water. When the brakes were applied all you could hear was the sliding of tires on pavement. Lucky I saw what was happening and as soon as the props hit the water I started the engines and put them in forward gear with a little gas and was able to stop the truck just before it flooded. MY buddy in the truck got out, waded the water in circles as white as a sheet. Needless to say he has refused to assist me in launching any of my boats since. Never attemted that trick again with the Z-70. Bought a dually and tried again with almost the same results but not as drastic. After that I let the commercial semi driver worry about it and let the professionals clean the boat.
    More fun to fish and watch anyway.