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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Redneck in a Skiboat, Nov 4, 2009.

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    Anyone made one? I'm thinking of making a stack stone fire pit. I'm thinking about 6' diameter with about a 16" high wall with a rock or concrete paver base around the outside. If you have made one post some pics. I'm still in the planning stages. I'll dig a footer and pour it with concrete for the wall to sit on. Then I'm planning on having the bottom concrete and sloped slightly toward a drain hole, so its not a mosquito pit. I'm not sure if the concrete will take the heat. I could put some river rock or cobble stone in the bottom to keep the fire from sitting right on the slab. I'd like to put a gas pipe though the wall for a propane log starter. I'll be burning wood, but I don't want to mess around with kindling and starting fluids. I was wondering whether to use fire bricks or a steel ring on the inside then 8' concrete blocks with rock on the outside. I might add a stand for a oven rack I have to sit on for cooking, maybe even catfish but most likely hotdogs . I'd make it removable so its only in there when it is being used. I've started some of the calculations for materials but not priced anything yet. I'll have to do it it steps so it don't wipe out my wallet. The outside wall will be just under 30 square feet, I'm not sure how much rock that will take. I'll probably not start until late December. If you have some ideas post them here and if you are a stone mason give me some pointers. Thanks
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    Nice plan. Please post some picts when done. I live in town, so limited to above ground pit. So sad.

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    Crusher cones work real good as a liner, they are about 4' acrossed 2' high and tapered 2"to3" thick that is when they are worn out, got about a 16" hole in the bottom for drainage .made out of steel. you can use them right off the bat and then put your stone or brick around them. just don't know if you can get them there .we get them at matrials plant think you would call it a quarry.
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    I made one this year, not as big as yours is gonna be. I took a rim from a semi truck tire probably 3' across, buried it flush, then I went to an old creek bed and got some limestone and bordered it about three high. I dug the hole a lil deeper and put sand in the bottom so it would drain good. Id take a picture but the fall leaves have pretty much covered it. I live in the city so I kept mine smaller. Good luck with your pit.