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    My girlfriend and I are planning to do a bunch of outdoor trips this year. We've done a few short experimental trips to see what we're lacking in terms of gear and knowledge. I wasn't sure which sub-forum to put this in, since it'll have a variety of topics in it.

    We live in Sterling, Virginia. We're within walking distance the Potomac River at Algonkian regional park. There's alot of prime fishing and camping along the river all the way up to brunswick maryland.

    We've been putting together a list of gear to get to fit our needs. Relatively short 2-4 day trips. We're not rich by any means - so we're on a pretty tight budget.

    I'd love to hear suggestions or comments - especially if you've got some experience with any of the stuff I'm looking at!

    So here's my list.

    We realized right away that this stuff gets pretty heavy carrying it over rough terrain for miles. So our first priority is getting real backpacks.

    1 . Coleman Teton Internal-Frame Backpack
    Retails for $120.00 - Best price I could find was $88 /w Shipping Here

    Coleman is a brand I trust and know. That's coleman's highest capacity internal frame.

    2. Coleman Colosuss - 4 Person Inflatable Boat /w Oars
    Retails for $80 - Best price I could find is $85 /w Shipping at

    This is hands down the best inflatable boat I could find that was at a decent price. It's got the row-boat style oars (2 per person) and 840 lb capacity. Just needs to be enough for 2 people and 2 backpacks and I sure as heck won't be fishing out of it - just transportation. The potomac river is spotted with small islands - perfect for some remote camping and catfishing! It's got 3 seperate air compartments - so if or when 1 pops you're not gonna sink - just head to shore and break out the patch kit.

    Weighs about 20 lbs including oars. Idea is to just deflat - fold up - tie into a bundle and attach to the backpack.

    3. Shimano IX 4000 Reel and Shimano FX Casting Rod (using the medium-heavy model) using Spiderwire stealth 30 lb test. Planning on using 1 oz custom made jigheads (100 for $13) or weight+baitholder hook depending on how bad the snags are. In my few test runs the islands had alot of trees in the water so the snags were bad - but the fishing was good! No point in even setting your pole down after a cast :)

    4. Coleman Cloudview Tent for 2
    Retails for $140 - Best price I could find was $93+shipping.

    Weighs 5 lbs and is big enough to sleep 2.

    5. Micro-filter waterbottle
    $30 - $20 for filter refills. Good way of reducing the amount of stuff to carry and have a backup incase we run out of water. Probably not a bad idea to have one sitting around the house incase of an emergency (katrina anybody?!) We'll be on or near the river 99% of the time.

    6. GPS Enabled Cellphone With GPS Service
    Good for not getting lost or emergencies. If ever decide to get a cellphone it'll be something useful like this.

    That's the major stuff we're looking at.

    What do you all think? Looking to get in better shape doing something we both really enjoy without spending a ton of money.