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Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by slikk03, Oct 8, 2008.

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    ok wen using circals does a hevy action rod afect the hookset i use all three medim and heavy also should you keep a little slack in the line or tighht as you can, we been using king kaels , with clikers but wen i get a run alot of times there gone before i hook them , i think im going back to tight lining if i got mud to stick them in, with rock i use clikers ,
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    I have been using circles lately. There are overhanging trees where I fish, and I can't set the hook with a kahale. I also use my clicker because I am fishing from the bank and I don't want to lose my rod. As soon as my clicker goes I engage my reel and point the rod strait at the fish. When I feel my line tighten up I reel twice to set the hook. If I feel the fish drop the bait I just let it set and he usualy comes back for it. My hook up ratio is about 9/10. Plus I have also noticed that with a kahale if you miss the hookset the first time you lose your bait. With a circle hook you never jerk your bait off the hook.