Back Pain!!! Need some Idea's

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Little Mac, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. Little Mac

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    Ok, here is the deal, in 99 I had back surgery to relieve the nerve running down my right leg, I had 1 bulging disc and one ruptured disc.... So they went in and fixed me .... Sort of !! I worked hard for 3 years afterwards with no problems at all, Then It came back and I was medically retired from the post office and my VA rating jumped to 70%, That was in 2003. Now its 2006 and the back has completely gone out again, MRI shows bulging disc again! The pain in the leg is near unbearable. Oxycodone isnt even touching it. VA says they cant even schedule me to see the Nuro Surgeon for 9 months.... Fast aint they!!!! LOL. My Civilian DR. is sending me to Pain management for Shots in the back........... Now, everything I have read about this basically tells me that this is like putting a bandaid on a 6" gash.....and there is the possibility that if they guy aint had his coffee that mornin that I could end up Paralized from waist down and that scares me. Now I would like to know if anyone on this board has had these shots done before and What was your outcome. Good or bad I would like your input. Im sorry for the long post but this is very serious to me. Heck, I cant even fish, and I dont like that......... Now I dont make post like this, and Im not askin for prayers or pity, I just need the facts...... LOL I appreciate your input......... Mac
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    I have these shots and they changed my life. I had 1 shot every 2 weeks for a total of 3 This happened over 18 months ago. Nothing happened after a few months we tried again with different agents. Again nothing. 3 months ago we tried a different mix and one shot got me out of my wheelchair. I had 2 more in the next month for a total of three and my doctor says it should last for 6 months may more.

    I could walk around the house but couldn't stand long enough to make it through the grocery store or walmart so I have been using the wheel chair for many years. I can now go through these stores on my own with just a cart for support. I must still use my chair for a long outing like the zoo or a day at the park but the reliefe I am now getting is really something. I have taken all sorts of morphine for many years just to live with the pain and even though I still have problems and must take some medications I am living again and daily thinking of things I might be able to do again.

    I would give it a try. I think you chances of it getting worse is very slim. I feel like a different person. Hope it works out for you.

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    Hi Mac,
    Due to a car wreck in '97, in which I fragmented 1 disc and bulged 2 others, I took a series of shots in my back. The pain from the "cure" was worse the the pain from the injury. To top it off, they did me no good. What does help keep me going is a good Chiropractor. I get monthly adjustments and massage along with accupuncture treatments. It seems to work as I have been doing fairly well for almost 10 years. The most important thing though is to take care of your back. As soon as you get up in the morning stretch your ham strings. They put a major pull on your back if they are tight. Keep your abs in decent shape and watch your weight.
  4. ShilohRed

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    Yes they work. I got to work 10+ more years with them. But after that they did stop working.
    One more thing. I was to the point of no return. Was in bed for 31 days and lost 30 lbs one time. I was taking 2 MS cottons per day 60 Mg per pill and it was not stopping the pain.
    But you know a few weeks after that I stopped hurting. AS I had an appointment to see the surgeon to put SS plates and screws in. This I will not ever do .. But thought then I would. That doctor told me the body will absorb that piece of disc that was causing the pain.
    So now as long as I don't pick up stuff or stand a lot I make it.
    So think of that also, Bed rest can help out..
    Also I see a chiropractor 3 days per week and that is what keeps me going the best now.

    Good luck and I have been down on and off for 10+ years now. Still have times that I can't even get up. But look forward to the good days.

  5. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    The only thing that got me through until surgery was a drug I gather isnt widely prescribed anymore and not everyone can take but I did fine with it.
    It's called Neurontin.
    It keeps the nerves from firing so hard.
  6. Little Mac

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    NW Arkansa
    Thanks for the input guys, I knew there were some on here that have problems like me. I just havent ever had the shots. They worry me... LOL I'll give em a go . I just want off this dang Couch...... LMAO Mac
  7. kccats

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    Olathe, Kansas
    I never had shots in my back.
    I did however have to have shots for another problem....
    vasectomy gone bad.
    Lived with terrible pain for two years. Had an operation to fix the problem but the pain did not leave.
    I had to go in for shots the numb the nerves.
    Apparently, when you live with pain for a long time, your body remembers it much like an amputee feels their missing limb and pain there.
    The shots numb the nerves to the area and trick the body.
    Some people need more shots then others I guess...
    I had to have a lot of them.
  8. Graywolf

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    Peru, IL.
    I've never had the shots. What helped me is my Chiropractor. He's made me feel like a new person.
  9. TOPS

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    Mac, I sure hope you get better. I have the same problem as Danny McClure. My feet go numb as I stand on them for 15 min or more.
  10. whiteriverbigcats

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    I dont have the problems with a bad back... I have seizues.. scares the he(( out of me at times.. plus was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 16... but the worst of that is over... now i just have to get the seizure thing fixed or slowed down.... funny how somethings happen to certain people.... but i sure hope you get better... just figured i would at least say that
  11. PeZ

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    I had surgery also 4 lvl fusion that seems to be holding up ok i also have 4 hurnated disc in my mid back they cant fix its a constant pain i get shot every month in my back helps for about 2 days I also have been prescribed oxycodone and it doesnt get rid of the pain I have found what works be for me is soma muscle relaxers and loratab and not being stupid i have a problem of getting stupid @ times tryin to do things i no i shouldnt
    but swiming is very low impact and good excerise i recomend swimming and not doing stupid things like lifting stuff your not suppose to. the thing with pain killers is it tells your body your in more pain than you really are after taking them a while i scaled back on pain killers and started swimming and it seem to be less pain than when i was strung out on oxy's dont get me wrong im in pain still just managable
  12. SSG Johnson

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    Hamstrings and abdominal muscle strengthening will help allot. See if you can see a Physical Therapist and attend a back class it doesn't help everyone but Ive seen it work wonders for some without being intrusive like the shots. I would try that first before the shots. If you cant lay on your back and raise a leg to a 90 degree position then your hamstrings are to tight. If you have a belly then your abs. are out of shape. Muscle strengthening and stretching can go along way.
  13. Kutter

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    I went through the shots in my spine, back of neck, for years. It helped for a week or so each time. Finally, they told me they couldn't get the needles through all the bone fusioning, so had to go for surgery. I got pins up and down my back now. Unfortunately, my pain has flared up again and this time they said nothing will ever help. It's back to the Oxycontin and Morphine again, but this time for the rest of my life. I HATE that stuff! Extremely addicting also. The one thing that helped me from becoming addicted, was that in my case, they also made me very nauseous. Then, when I threw up, the meds were lost and had the pain back again. In reality, the pain meds have never helped hide the pain, just screwed with your head enough to make you not care.
    I think the shots could help you, but remember, they are meant only as a short term solution, not a cure. Whatever is causing the problem will still be there.
  14. grizzly

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    Griffithville, Arkansas
    Mac, I know what you are talking about. At best the shots are a short term fix. Your best bet is to see a good Dr. My wife has degenerating disc disease and our Dr has fused 7 vertebrea in her back. She is not totaly pain free but is so much better it is a real blessing. In 2002 I fell while working and broke my back in 2 places, crushing 1 vertebrea totaly. The Dr put me back together with rods and screws and got me back on my feet. I am by no means pain free, but I can walk, which I think isa miricle for the damage I did. I would greatly suggest you get an appointment with DR. Patrick Chan in Searcy, if anybody can help he can. His phone# is 501-305-4577. If you have any MRI's he will need them as soon as possible. Even if your appointment is 2 months away if he sees your MRI's and thinks it is severe he will get you in sooner. I don't have much use for most Dr's but this is 1 man that I truely respect as a Dr and as a person. He is a straight shooter, you may not like what he says, buthe will tell you the TRUTH. I know it would be a long drive but I think it would be worth it in the long run. If there is anything I can do to help PM me and I will do all I can for you. I know what real back pain is. grizzly
  15. olefin

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    Chuck, I totally agree with you.
    Several years ago I had a bad back. The specialist suggested surgery but said that was no guarantee to fix my problem. I tired Chiropractors, they were a waste of my time and insurance money. What they did would help but only for about 4 hours. Finally a back doctor recommended a Physical Therapist. Right away I started getting better, he taught me some good back excises and today I have no serious back problem.
  16. BamaCats

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    Hey Mac i got the same problem you got, the shots finally got to where they werent working anymore so now i am just having to get by with some tylenol with codine to get by with the pain. supposed to start seeing another pain doctor in the next month and see what he thinks but the injections just didnt help me none.
  17. SeedTick

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    Hey Mac, I had some back troubles but not nearly as severe as yours and I tried doctors with pain pills and chiropractors. They help a little but didn't fix anything. I was then sent to a physical therapist. At first I thought he was trying to kill me and he was enjoying it. It got easier by the first week and after 4 or 5 weeks I was almost back to new. That was around 10 years ago and I still have occasional pain but nothing out of the ordinary for someone in their mid 40's.

  18. SpaceAce

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    It is amazing the effects physical therapy can have on injured muscles, joints, etc. I was told to try PT for a knee pain, I did not have much faith in it but it worked.
  19. Little Mac

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    Thank you all for your experiences. I am going to get my first shot the 29th. at this point I will be very happy to have a week of relief. I understand about the physical therapy, I will be looking into that and talking to my Dr. about it. Also for those on here that are having problems, I read where there is a morphine pump that can be installed that provides a small dose directly to the effected area. It sounds like a good deal for those that nothing else can be done. I would think it would be better than the mind altering drugs. If they cannot fix my underlying problem I believe I will be asking about this also. Well, Once again I thank you all. Mac
  20. pk_powell

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    Mac,all I can say is good luck. My husband had his problem and still does in his neck.They tried a spinal shot and it lasted only 30 minutes.Now after two surgeries to fuse his neck,he is left in constant pain.He got his strength back which he had lost prior to the surgery along with his grip,but his pain is constant.Now the neuros say there is nothing more they can do for him. He takes Oxycodone Neurontin and cymbalta which is an antidepressent that is also prescribed for pain.So far he has not noticed any relief from taking the cymbalta.He does get a little relief from the narcotics but he is in danger of addiction.I guess you could say he is in a catch 22 situation.Hopefully Sept 12 the Doctor down there will give him a medical disability and he can start drawing his retirement. I will keep you in my prayers brother--------pk powell:sad2: