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Just got home from the annual Gulf Coast Wrestling Reunion. Had a balst. This is a "in the business" by invitation only event. This event is held at the Mobile International Speedway. The Field's borthers started this 17 years ago and it continues to grow every year. Lee Fields the original owner died and his wife continues the traditon. What makes this so great is it is just workers of the business. They can be theirselves and not worry about being "out of character".

It was a fantastic time hanging out with folks like, Robert Gibson(half of the rock-n-roll Express) J.J. Dillon, Ole Anderson, Adrian Street, Pork Chop Cash, Paul Bearer (he lives in Mobile) Danny Hodge, Cowboy Bob Kelly, Ron Garvin, Don Fargo, Mae Young,Sandy Scott, Marcel Pringle, My referee buddy Charlie Smith, Bobby Simmons and tons more. These are a few of the ones I personally know and have worked with in the past. Oops, I forgot two people that are very dear to me and my wife. Tom and Chris Drake. Tom was the speaker of the house in Alabama several years ago. And they have been friends of ours for along time.

Every night at the motel till about 1 in the morning you could walk down the sidewalk and just hang out with everyone. People even had the doors to there rooms open and you just walked in and start talking. They had been after me for several years to come down and this year I finally did. I regret not going sooner. Theres some mighty fine people in Mobile Alabama!

I forgot my camera but a good friend of mine from California took several pics as soon as he emails them to me I will post them.

Im all ready looking forward to nexts years event!
So thats what I been doing the past 4 days.
Take care all

For all my BOC buddies...Its good to be back home on the BOC board!
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