back from fishing week of the fourth.

Discussion in 'SOUTH CAROLINA LAKES / RESERVOIRS' started by jayjay, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. jayjay

    jayjay New Member

    only cough 1 good blue about 17 pounds the rest were 1or 2 pound we only cough about 9 fish. not a good week . must have had bad bait. hay glad to have met a few other member. hope all had better luck.:embarassed:
  2. thegavel

    thegavel New Member

    West Des Moines, Iowa
    sorry to hear that you didn't have good luck... there is always round 2 right? Better luck next time brother!!!

  3. blackwaterkatz

    blackwaterkatz Active Member

    Andrews, SC
    Jay, sorry about your luck, friend. What were you using for bait? Fresh definitely counts. I seem to be doing better with fresh herring, either live or cut, lately, but white perch or shad is good, too, as is bream. I was up there last saturday, but didn't get to go back this week.