back from 3 week vacation today, fishing report Warsaw area

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    Was at the lake for the last 3 weeks and did alot of fishing, it was pretty slow to say the least. Biggest fish I ended up catching was that 32 pound flathead on July 7th, the one that Catfishwizard helped me out with, that was fun! They were running water off and on which didnt help at all. Took my mom one afternoon when they were scheduled to run water from 3-8pm, shad was nearly impossible to find but we found enough to fish with and she caught the only fish of the day which was a 10 pound blue that came out of 35 feet of water on a ledge. I drifted Truman a few different days, about 8 hours each time, and only caught a few here and there, some days caught nothing. Bunch of floating trotlines out in front of KK Island which made it hard to drift but thats how it goes I guess. Drifted deep and as shallow as 3 feet deep, didnt matter. I even fished Pomme de Terre a few times and caught some nice channel cats while targeting flatheads which was fun but not what I was looking for. Drifted Pomme at a few different places and only caught one small channel cat in about 2 feet of water near a shallow area in the middle of the lake. Rod bent over and I could hear the fish splashig around back there, pretty funny. Mostly drifted after dark just to do something different. Anyway, hopefully with the rain tonight Truman will go up enough for them to start running some consistant water. Chris
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    they got several inches , last night should start bring the lake up.:wink:

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    yeah we fished warsaw on friday and they werent running any water.... caught a 3 lb blue and a couple lil channels.... did lose one good fish on a 6 inch sunfish... im guessin it was a flathead because it hit and ran just like the one i caught a couple weeks ago... ill prolly head down there again sometime soon im sure... Robert when are we going to hit the MIssouri again?
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    We had 2 inches around Lowry City today but south of us they had anywhere from 3 to 7 inches,thats from people i talked to tonight.
    It s going to raise for sure.My cousin sent me a pic of a bunch of channels this afternoon.And a buddy went over to Kansas to pick up some machinery and said the river was out of its banks there!!!

    Post spawn smack down!!!!:wink:
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    Well it's suppose to rain on Saturday, so if that happen's I'll be at the Dam on Sunday.
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    I think I met you two weekends ago near KK island you had a white express with merc 4 stroke, I was with my wife and 8 yr old nephew and we were both having trouble finding bait then you came out a little later and said you found it near the osage bluff ramp, if that was you thanks for the info. Have still been catching a lot of fish every weekend but obviously the weather is playing hell with it. Key to not getting an a** kicking on the lake has been drifting fast, .8 to 1.2 mph, fish are scattered and not real active,got to cover lots of ground and move fast so you catch the active ones. Been working for me, but has been average fishing at best, I am ready for a heat wave to get things back to normal though I am doubting we will get it, seems like were in for a cool wet summer. Hope it last till the fall, if the fishing is tough at least we will be primed for the fowl, h20 that is.