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    Like I caught that trout last week....07/01/07 at Fool
    Hollow lake, I e-mailed Az game and fish....all they did is mention I caught the fish under Fool Hollow Lake fishing report for this week. How do you get a big fish you caught documented so you can be in the big fish of the year report with Az Game and fish? Do you have to have it weighed and measure somewhere? I was in the White mtns on vacation......I was not going to look for Az Game and fish place to that. I showed the Ranger at the Park and he took pics of me and the fish....I guess that is not enough. Sandy
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    I believe you would of had to have that fish weighed on an official scale with a witness. How was it weighed? and did you have a witness. AZFlats might be the one to ask. He had to do all of that last year with his Huge Flathead.

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    Hi Sandy,

    Pick up a fishing regs book from any sporting goods store, (sportsman's, Cabellas, or even walmart) There is an application in there.. Most marinas have those as well.. The fish does not need to be certified, but you do need a wittness. Then just follow up with a picture and story..

    * Send it to Kimberly, at the office she might like a story, that is a big trout~

    Hope this helps, good luck on the big fish of the year!