Awesome time on the Blanco

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  1. Wac M Trac M

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    Took my yak to the Blanco on some private water near the state park. I set 5 jugs out with small sunfish baited. One area kept producing small channel cats so I moved them all near there. It was slow at first so I bass fished and caught a few nice ones. Biggest bass was 3 pounds.

    Around 8PM the jugs were all dancing. I videoed this on my phone..cant figure out how to get it on here. I was checking them and baiting them and before I had em all redone one would start running. It was alot of fun running em down on the yak. I caught 18 channel cats and the biggest one was 3 or 4 pounds. He was real long but skinny.

    I let all of them go. I have enough in the freezer still.
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    its nice to see someone willing to release what they dont need. good for you!