Avoiding hang ups on rip rap

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  1. slikk03

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    what rig would suit me best for flathead fishing were hangups are all around, is their i trick caues i use expesive hooks gamma octos, no boat
  2. willybob

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    might try putting weight on bottom and hook up three or four inches above weight tie an over hand knot above but slightly the knot you tied the weight with. Other than that you might should experment with making your own weights. I make mine using 3/4 pvc filled with quickcrete 1inch= about 1 ounce
    I think. Way cheaper than lead and not as toxic. Putting close hangers down
    six inches and spreading them out might keep the weight from hanging on or under the rocks. Good luck

  3. catfishrollo

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    you may use a three-way rig with lighter line on the sinker end.. You will lose some sinkers this way, but your main line with the hook should be fine. Or have you ever tried slip-float fishing livebaits? This may be a better option for you allowing the bait to stay suspended over the rip rap and allowing it to cruise the shorlines more..:wink: goodluck....rollo
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    I've agree with Jason.
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    In addition to attaching your sinker with a light line, you need to be using a long, long, skinny sinker. A one ounce weight that's 12" long will hang up much less often than a one ounce weight that's 1" long. And check out the flex type sinkers; they're long, skinny, and flexible.
    If you do that and still hang up frequently, it's probably your hook, or your bait, if you're using live bait. If your bait is wrapping your line around snags, the only advice I can offer is to keep the baitfish away from the snags or live with the hangups. If it's your hook getting stuck on snags, you may need to take a page from the bass fisherman's handbook and use a weedless hook. It sounds like you're sold on the hook you're currently using, so buying weedless hooks of a different style probably isn't an option. But, you can make your current hooks weedless. It will help if you read up on making jigs and tying flies so that you can see some drawings or actual pictures, but basically, it involves tying a triangular head of thread on your hook to provide a base for the weedless bristles, or 'brush'. There are lots of places where you can buy some stiff nylon bristles specifically made for this purpose. Take a small bunch of the bristles and tie them onto the head end of the hook so that they stick out and protect the point. The idea is that because it takes some pressure to mash the bristles ('brush') out of the way, the hook will generally ride over a snag, rather than getting stuck on it. When a fish hits, though, it easily mashes the bristles down.
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    Use a three-way rig...make your sinker drop long enough to keep your hook above the riprap, and use light mono for the drop...consider your sinker expendable.

    Keep your leader as short as possible. Live bait on a long leader will get into all kinds of mischief.

    Consider the use of a small float just above the three-way to hold your bait above the riprap.

    Another way to make a hook weedless is to use a piece of plastic worm, hooked just like you would if you were bass fishing.