Austin & Halleck muzzleloader

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    Austin & Halleck is going out of business. They have been building guns from the stock of barrels they have and when they run out it's over. I went ahead and ordered one of these and it just came in. Took 12 days to get it from the time I faxed my order in.

    It came with basic tools for removing breech plug, ball starter, allen wrenches and a cheap plastic case that was used to ship in. The gun is very high quality, especially compared to the wal-mart ml's I had been looking at. The barrel is octagon out to just past the forearm. It came with a synthetic stock that I mat replace with a curly maple if they offer some more later. The sights are tru-glow I think and it also has swivel studs already mounted as well as being drilled and tapped for scope mounts.

    For the price they are selling them for this has got to be one of the best deals out there. I'll be putting a scope on it this week and doing some shooting next weekend if weather permits. I'll let ya know how it shoots then.