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    Marlette Michigan
    Flash! Flash! New Walleye Bait!
    I was coming home from a U.P. vacation this past week with my wife and we decided to come home by way of the east coast of Michigan. ( To check out all the Light houses we haven't seen). It was about 8:00pm when we got in to Ausable, so we thought we would do a little catfishing for a couple of hours by the side street bridge. The current, reminded me of the Grand. I had on three oz. of weight, and my lines were still heading down stream.
    Anyway, to make a long story short, about 10:00pm I was going to call it a night, cause I still had a 3 1/2 hrs. drive ahead of me. I couldn't believe it, as I was reeling in my first rod, I could tell there was something on the other end. Low and behold, I pulled in about a three lb. Walleye, much to my surprise. Two strange things here. That fish never rang the bell, and believe it or not he hit a piece of frozen sucker belly. I guess there is a first for everything.
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    I bet you were VERY suprised to find him at the end of your line! Thats too fun!