August 20th Lake wylie

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  1. DamonG

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    South Carolina
    I would like to say thanks to Billfish76 for my first catfish outing on Lake Wylie. We had a good time on the water and great conversation.We met up and fished from around 7pm to 12pm. We caught 7 fish total. 5 flatheads, the biggest around 10lbs and two blues. One of which was the fattest 3lb fish I think I have ever seen, look like it had eaten a soft ball.:smile2::smile2::wink:
  2. Patmansc

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    Pat Chaney
    Way to go, guys! It's great to be able to meet BOC bro's and spend a little smackdown time together :big_smile:

  3. pop pop

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    Lake Green
    Congrats guys! Glad ya'll had a smacktastic time.:wink:
  4. martygreen

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    I see how this works now:angry:1st you boys hire Roundhill for the Cabelas Tourney at Santee and now you gettin Billfish76 to put you on some fish at Wylie:crazy:I think you forgot to mention that you took a trip with Chrisblue to Monticello last week to get ready for the CC Tourney there tommorow night:tounge_out:
    Now you know I was just poking fun at you:big_smile:.Glad you got to get out on Wylie and catch some fish,Cary is a good one on Wylie to learn a new lake from.He has helped Jeff and I out alot as well:wink:Congrats on a good night of catching.See yall next weekend on Wylie:cool2:
  5. billfish76

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    Rock Hill, SC
    It was a good night for caching fish, just not any tournament winning size to them. Im looking forward to seeing what everyone else catches at the tournament. Theres going to be some good competition there. I hope to see some new faces show up for a Wylie event.