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    ILM, NC
    Had anyone used the Atwood rod holders (white) that they have at Walmart? Just wondering if they are a quality holder or if I should just bite the bullet and get the drift masters. Any help would be appreciated. The only time strength would be an issue is during the winter when I'm fishing for blues. They hit very, very hard at times and I don't want a rod going in the water. The rest of the time I'll be using clickers for the flatheads.
  2. Mac-b

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    Wes, I have had four boats in my lifetime and I used cheap stuff on the first one and lost some rod and reels, the next three boats have all had driftmasters (3/8 pros.). Better to be safe than sorry. Mac

  3. Big Dav

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    I installed Attwood Pro series (not the white ones) rod holders on my tracker a couple of years back and I like them and still use them. They have stainless inserts for added strength. On our deck boat I installed the driftmaster style holders and I like them as well. I will try the Ebay knock off "driftmaster" for the next boat.
    I do feel that you get what you pay for in the long run.
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    My first season guiding found a full compliment of Attwood's white plastic rodholders on my boat. Within three months, four of the original 12 had been broken by the strength and intensity of blue catfish strikes. They cost me 3 fully rigged rods valued at $150.00 each.

    I replaced them with 14 of the Driftmaster Duo Pro (1/2" stainless steel two position rod holders, half with left-hand threads for port side mounting). The previous loss would easily have paid for the new, stronger rodholders with plenty left over for some fuel.

    In the three years since installing the Driftmasters, I have not lost a rod or had to replace a rod holder. They are still bright and as good as new. I expect them to last longer than the hull of my boat.

    Buy right the first time and you will have no regrets.:wink:
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    I had the black plastic Attwood holders on my boat. 5# drum busted one off. Lucky I was on a lake and got my rig back before it sank. Was stepping down off of the front casting deck and barely hit another one with my foot. Broke it off. They took a couple of good fish the first year I had them, but I don't think they're going to hold up for you in the long run. Killed me to pay what I paid for the driftmasters, but they're worth it. Like TK said, the driftmasters are expensive, but you can buy several of them for what a good rod an reel cost. Let alone wondering for the rest of the summer what it is that's swimming around with your R/R dragging along behind it....:smile2:
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    I have both the driftmaster and the atwood holders, and they both work as advertised. The only thing that I would warn you about is if you are not useing baitrunners the atwood is not the stoutest mount to use. The 1/2" driftmaster would be the better way to go.
  7. crankbait77

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    the holders that I am talking about are the screw in atwood holders that are covered with ruber just like the driftmaster. They 3/8", hope that helps.
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    FatFlattie, I have 18 of the attwood rodholders from walmart on my rig. I have had them several years without a single complaint. The thing I like most about them is that they are fully adjustable, unlike the driftmasters. Yea, I'm sure the metal driftmasters are way more durable. After all it's metal versus plastic. I have only seen one broken attwood in my life and it came from getting rammed into a dock hard(wasn't me) :smile2: . Also my friend has recently had two of the attwoods get the teeth stripped off, but when using 80 pound monofilament and tightening the drag all the way down, things tend to break. Vern
  9. SkipEye

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    I would go with the 1/2" Driftmasters.

    It's too late for me because I have 16 of the 3/8" ones already.

    Had a BIG BLUE break that 3/8" driftmaster right in half at the weld, luckily the leader and everything broke all at once so I saved the rod and reel.

    I am sure it was a defective weld or something but that fish hit hard and the driftmaster BENT on the stem before the weld broke.

    I still endorse the driftmasters because they are strong and durable.

    I did learn to loosen the drag a bit instead of locking it down too tight.

    That fish still haunts me. But it was only 2-3 weeks ago and I am heading back to that spot to get my 8/0 Gamakatsu circle hook back out of the beasts mouth.

    All I want is a picture. LOL:eek:oooh::eek:oooh::eek:oooh:
  10. Jeremy Leach

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    Attwood now makes a rod holder just like the driftmaster but is only 3/8. I have been using them now for about 3 months and have had no problems. I use to use the plastic Attwoods and they worked fine until your drifting and forget to loosen your drag back up after snagging up. I myself would recomend the metal attwoods. They are a little cheaper then the driftmaster and seem to work as well.........
  11. pappy3

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    I found some driftmaster knock offs that are well made for a lot less on ebay .
    You might want to check them out they are a great bunch of folk to deal with! [hill wire forms] You can get them with or without the rubber coating .
  12. Katfishing Cajun

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    Hey thanks John, I've been looking for some a little cheaper in price also for my brothers pontoon.I'll be checking them out. Thanks again. You still getting ready for the fall. Any potential buyers yet??