Atwood Lake Channel Cats (NEOCATS Tournament) 8-25

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    well i fished Atwood with my buddy Joe for the first time for cats in a couple of summers, went back to my normal spot and was hoping the fish were still there. the tournament started out at 6 pm and i set up my 2 rods and sat back expecting a slow bite at first, Had my first channel cat around 7 oclock on a piece of "scented" chicken livers that i made up.............a decent fish right at 20 inches long. thought i was off to a good start until some idiot in a blue jon boat came flying into the area we were fishing ......slammed down his trolling motor and started throwing a cast net around within 10 yds of where i was fishing, he musta been there for at least a half an hour before he left then he fired up the gas motor and took off outta there boy was i TICKED OFF !! needless to say the bite died down for about 2 hours after that, worst part was he was in the same tournament as us and even asked if we were doing any good and made small talk while he bombarded the area that i was trying to fish with his cast net. well around 915 i had another good run (this time on cut shad) and landed a fat 21 inch fish. i was really surprised by the quality of the fish we were catching !!! well from then on the bite died me and joe sat for along while till i got the next bite around 1230 and landed a nice 19 inch channel on cut shad, i ended up catching another channel alittle while later around 1245 on cut shad that was 20 inches and losing another fish that i had on and saw that was about the same size. from 1 am till 430 am when i left the bite died we had NO other hits that ran with the baits just some picky bites. overall i had a good time and would like to fish Atwood again sometime SOON for cats !!