ATTN: PA Brothers/Sisters: Free steaks today!

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by sal_jr, Jan 29, 2007.

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    Yep... thats right!! Free steaks. Moreover, these particular steaks probably have more cash invested in them per pound, than any cash given to any single housing block in New Orleans's the 9th ward!

    Oh.... uh-oh... a moment of unbelievable clarity just struck me...... hang on.... Barbaro was Euthanized. kapuut!

    Does it make me a monster of sorts to not give a drop of sweat or interest to the false-cause that is "gambling"??? Oh... maybe its the horse.... Let me get that part right so I dont seem so heartless: A million dollars per shot of horse-puckey from any colt that wins one of the triple crown races, endless endorsements for the rich investors in the horse... nope! All of the sudden the heartfelt marketing ploy melted. dang.

    It will be nice to write to the owners and send them condolences. Especially when you know that by the very act of licking the back of the stamp, you will feel all the more personally connected to that horse.

    Thanks investors for throwing your oats to the wind!

    Maybe next year you will have learned the truth to gambling:

  2. sal_jr

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    Ithaca, MI

    The pictures of the horse in the link are sponsored by Blue Cross/Blue Shield.



    BIG GEORGE New Member

    I've eaten horse many times. Its MMMMMMM GOOD! Really only cooks up good on the grill. Way too lean to think about fryin it. LOL!
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    I was hoping for some Steak :cool2: , Ive never had Horse but Monkey/Cats/Dogs are very tasty. Just so you all know I was not in the States when I ate them I was in the Phillapeans.
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    This horse's trials, tribulations, and death have gotten more press than all of our war dead combined.:roll_eyes:
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    That is exactly my point.

    Now I am sure this is in the long-list of useless emotional crap news that has been a DISTRACTION to real life and real issues of a VERY REAL and sobering society around us.

    So why are we hooked (as consumers of the media) on emotionl opiates like this???
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    Dear BOC,

    I've never written to one of these threads before, but I've always been curious about them. To be honest, I never really thought any of them were real. That is, until now.

    It was a slow day at work and around lunch time, so I thought I'd pop on over to see if anyone had posted. Little did I know I was in for the surprise of my life. Right in front of me, on the New Posts page no less, was the hottest little thread I've seen since college. (There were a *LOT* of hot, wild threads in college, but that's a story for another day).

    I thought to myself, this thread can't be real can it? I mean, do I dare click on it? Well, let me tell you it wasn't an easy decision. But every natural instinct in my body told me to go for it. So, I put my hand firmly on the mouse, and pulled on it until the cursor was over the link. Then I clicked.

    What was on the screen? Well, let's just say it was more than I was ready for. I'd heard about this guy before, but I never really believed any of the stories. Nevertheless, there he was right in front of me, the one and only Sal_Jr.

    Immediately I tensed up, my hands became a little sweaty. I thought to myself 'play it cool man, you could be in for the read of your life'. I finally got my nerves back after a few minutes of labored breathing. I knew I wanted it, and I knew this thread was going to give it to me, all I had to do was just lie back and enjoy it. 'No reason to be nervous, I've been around the block, so let's do this!' I thought to myself.

    But my friends, let me tell you, nothing I've experience before prepared me for that first sentence.

    'Yep... thats right!! Free steaks. Moreover, these particular steaks probably have more cash invested in them per pound, than any cash given to any single housing block in New Orleans's the 9th ward!. '

    Oh-my-gosh. Referrences to Media Hype AND Mis-Managed Katrina funds in the first sentence. Instantly I knew that everything I'd heard about Sal_Jr was true. Well I don't have to tell you what happened next.

    I read it, I read it hard.

    It was amazing, the whole time I was reading it I just kept thinking 'I can't believe this is happening'. It was almost surreal.

    I was at the peak of excitement when I got to the Follow up post 'IRONIC BONUS' That was it for me. My body simply exploded! I never knew I was capable of such raw, untamed - and uninhibited - feelings. It just went on and on. Finally after about five minutes I could feel myself subsiding. Getting my wits back, I quickly finished the last few words.

    Now, I know most people are going to say, 'none of these threads are real!'. But let me tell you, they're real, and so is Sal_Jr. I know from experience, and it's an experience that I will cherish the rest of my life.

    I'm sure I'll have other threads that will be amazing too, and they'll give me everything I need to be happy. But I'm gonna keep my eyes peeled for another Sal_Jr thread, and another afternoon of unbelievable pleasure. I suggest that all of your readers out there do the same.