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    I was just answering another thread and decided I'd throw my two cents worth in here.
    Seems to me some people get to caught up in the catching part of fishing. I don't know whether its for the bragging rights or the need to prove something or the other that causes it but they are missing out.
    I was confined to very limited activities last year due to an injury and could only get outside when I had someone to help with my wheelchair.
    Let me tell you I missed going into the outdoors walking the banks (I still can't do much of that) enjoying the sunshine and the fresh air and the solitude of just being on the water, man, its great to be out again.
    But let me tell you about a man I worked with for years. He would fly down to Cabo San Lucas a couple of times a year and Panama or Costa Rica and come back with pictures of these huge fish and tell these exciting stories about the exotics that he was catching. When I would ask him to come out with me on my boat he would never be interested unless the yellow tail or tuna were biting and when we didn't catch anything he would be disappointed but I kept asking him to go and eventually started joining me for things like calico and sand bass, halibut, sculpin and even rock fish. Now, I don't know how many of you have been reading my fishing reports but those of you that have know I'm not the best there is at finding fish. So eventually my friend got used to not catching anything fish every time we went out and started to enjoy just being out on the water. He started doing things like bringing steaks to grill ( bought a grill for my boat) and books to read and changed his attitude. He still goes to the far off places to fish and no doubt enjoys catching those fabulous fish BUT, he still calls me wanting to know when I'll be strong enough to take my boat out again. He even expressed an interest in learning to catfish.
    Hows that for the proper attitude?

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    Said it many times myself. It ain't always the fishin and catchin part. Its the company on the boat.

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    Yeah, fishing is great when we nail the big ones. . . .

    But it's also wonderful to take in the small things. So many people get so dang involved with the hustle & bustle of things that they refuse to see the forrest because they think all the dang trees are in the way. It's about opening your eyes and taking in what's there for us.

    Have you ever seen an eagle or another bird swoop down and grab a fish out of the water. Or listened to that lone cricket chirping away in the dead of the night and wondering where it's coming from. Or watched a blaze red sunrise as you are anchored on the river at dawn. Or watched some wild game drinking from the waters edge. Or better yet, watched wild game swim across a cove. Have you ever watched the steam rise off the calm water on an early morning outing. Or maybe watched a shooting star and your wish was for just one big fish before the night was done.

    Take the time to enjoy what's before you and appreciate all that the outdoors has to offer. Try to introduce your kids to the outdoors so that they can respect and value what's free for the taking.
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    I can fish 18 hours without a bite because I enjoy fishing, but on the other hand we all have an investment in fishing. Some have spent many thousands of dollars and some have spent 50 bucks.

    Typically I'll spend 30 dollars for live bait. 3 of us on the boat all day 50 bucks in food, drinks, beer, and ice.

    Fuel for the truck and the boat and fishing license.
    So I agree with where you are coming from but I do like the occasional return on the investment in a big way.
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    Randy hit the nail on the head.
    I love being out catching or not. It definitely isn't about the fish if that were the case I'd have been done long ago.
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    To me it is more about just being out on the water, enjoying what nature can provide us. It is the little things that mean the most to me.
    Also, having someone with you to share these moments with, is priceless!!!
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    Yep, what he said.

    Thanks for sharing your story, it was a good one.
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    The catching part is great but its also about getting away from the day to day stresses and work and problems. Just getting on the water relaxes me! Catching fish is a great bonus. There have been many a day where I got skunked but still really enjoyed my day on the water. My daughters give me great satisfaction in their ability to just find ways to entertain themselves on a riverbank. They will spend hours collecting rocks, inspecting insects, collecting firewood, etc. and never complain of being bored! We build a nice fire, cook a few hotdogs, roast some marshmellows, reel in the occasional fish and all is well with the world!:smile2: