Atterbury area and Driftwood PFA?

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    One of my "shooting buddies" has a daughter, Morrigan, to whom my daughter, Athena, has become rather attached. As a result, Athena has been pestering me about whether Morrigan can go fishing with us.

    The answer appears to be "yes."

    My friend lives in the Greenwood area, so I'm looking for someplace reasonably convenient to him that's good for fishing for "keepers", mostly thinking bluegills and small cats, but I wouldn't turn up my nose at other panfish or gamefish. Since I'm fishing with kids, reliably being able to catch "eating size" fish is more important than long waits but exciting sport fish, or huge specimens. Also, since I don't have a boat, that means fishing from the shore.

    Looking at the DNR web site there are several sites with shore fishing down in the Atterbury/Edinburgh area, including the "Driftwood Public Fishing Area."

    Does anybody know what the fishing is like in these areas? Any good spots to take the kids? Andy tips on ensuring that the kids have a good time fishing? (My take is that catching lots of moderate size fish is better for kids than catching a few big ones.)