Attention south east Kansas fishermen!!!

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    I'm in Cherokee county and fish a few strip pits around here. Mostly in the Hallowell and Oswego area. Is there any fishermen out there that know of some decent cat pits? (bass would also work...I'm not picky) I went yesterday with Emmett (stitch), but we both got skunked. We just don't know of any good cold weather pits, or where to fish them (no depth finder...we're cheapskates...:cool2:) I do, however have a small ten ft, v-hull boat. No motor, 'cause again...we're both Anyway, I do fish the public area of Lightning creek, but that's more of a summer time location far as I've seen. Mostly flathead in there anyway. And I've also fished the trout pit, but can't seem to get a connection there either...I've been told for years to use trout head and guts for bait, but would I fish just off the dock, or where? Anyway, with all that said...if any of you are willing to give away a nice pit, let me know. I'd sure appreciate it. And if I stumble onto something, I'll share it with you, also. Thanks in advance.

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    I was going to say the trout pit but you already know about that. Pits are very deep and the water is still pretty cold in them. I would say try the creeks and river after this warm up we are having. If the weather stays this way for a couple of weeks the fishing will start picking up.