Attention night fisherman...

Discussion in 'LOCAL NORTH CAROLINA TALK' started by greggofish, May 25, 2006.

  1. greggofish

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    Holly Springs, NC
    I have used just about every type of headlamp out there and always found some problem with them. I have been using a product latley that has perfected what I am after (I fish at night 95% of the time). The features I need and this has are:

    Bright concentrated beam
    light weight and non noticeable
    very easy to turn on and off with fish slimy hands
    LED/long battery life/long bulb life

    Check it out can google it up for better prices but this page describes it well. Thought I would pass it along......
  2. Drawout

    Drawout Active Member

    Thx for the info could be really helpful !

  3. catfishkatmando

    catfishkatmando New Member

    Salem, WV.
    I like it but I wear my hat backwards some time and I probably would get whip lash trying to use it.
  4. teaysvalleyguy

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    GC, OHIO
    Looks like a good product, may have to check it out.
  5. JAYNC

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    Newport N.C.
    I use the one from rayovac, it is only $10 at wally world. It has a white L.E.D and a red L.E.D and a bright white bulb which is almost like a small spotlight when the batteries are fresh. I really like it, and the good part is that its so cheap.
  6. borntocatfish

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    NW ohio
    I night fish about 80% now that wife got her licenes we go duriing the day with the kids. I use a headlamp the first time (about 2 years ago) I used it it felt weird but now I'm sold!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. peewee williams

    peewee williams New Member

    I still have my kerosene lantern and my carbide headlight.I guess that means that I made it! I lived to get old.They sure have come a long way with headlights.Wires to a 6 volt battery on your belt was the new fangled had to have when I came along.You lay one these new ones down in the off position,you are in trouble.If they get any smaller,how are you going to find them to turn them on?They are getting too small to even tie a string to.Thanks for the info.peewee-williams
  8. Tulcat

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    I too am a headlight nut, as I bet I could produce almost 2 dozen of them at home between my cattin', froggin', and caving gear. Each sport demands just a bit different setup for optimum results.

    Anyway, my problem with the light you have listed for cattin' would be I have found ball caps with their long, stiff bill always block too much downward light, necessary for tying knots. With some lights you can get around this by planting your chin into your chest, but this is not ideal, nor is it comfortable.

    I always wear a boonie hat at night as they have very short rims that are flexible and do not get in the way of downward light for knots and such.

    Just my 2 cents.
  9. Tulcat

    Tulcat New Member

    These are a great light for the money. We keep several on the boat for backups and when the kids join us. It is generally best to give kids LED lights, as they never power down the units to save batteries (as you must do with halogen or pack lots of batteries) and they don't have the discipline to not shine that halogen into your eyes when talking to you, thereby ruining your night vision temporarily.
  10. greggofish

    greggofish New Member

    Holly Springs, NC
    Yeah....with these, you don't have to look down much to tie a knot. They spaced it perfectly. That was another thing I never liked about cap lights....
  11. bluecatnut

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    freeburg illinois
  12. tatersalad

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    Clover, SC
    Got mine at wallyworld, has Red, Low, and High beam. Straps on over a ball cap. I can't think of anything i'd change about it, great for night fishing or getting in the woods before dawn to hunt.
  13. BhamRoadrunner

    BhamRoadrunner New Member

    Glad someone posted something up about this, yet another thing I need to get before this weekend.

    Unfamiliar terrain+no decent light= trouble.
  14. Dave53

    Dave53 Member

    Lonedell M
    Just thought I would throw my two cents wife bought me a ball cap style hat from has two led red lights and two led white lights..the off and on switch is in the back..the lights are on the bill of the really well..took a little use too tying hooks under the red light but I have used it several times and on the same little battery.. It was called a Craftsman work cap I think.
  15. ponykilr

    ponykilr New Member

    North Carolina

    i have one too, it has red and white led's. love it:big_smile:
  16. Skrod

    Skrod New Member

    Virginia Beach, VA
    Gotta throw my .02 here for a piece of gear I just love now.

    Last year I was getting back into night fishing again. I had a rechargeable lantern, and a flashlight, but I felt there might be a better way of doing things.

    Went to a Lowe's store nearby and I saw these "Coast LED-Lenser" triple-LED headlamp things that seemed very high quality, so on a whim I bought one. Here's a couple links about 'em:

    Man! What had I been missing all my life!! This thing is feather-light, quality tactical gear that flat-out kicks a$$ all around! It was $20 at Lowe's, so it's a couple bucks more than one's you'll see at Wally-world, but its power and quality are just awe-inspiring every time I use it -- always blows my mind when I turn it on. Lights up everything in front of you like a medium-wide-beam MagLight, but with better color so you see things much better and no "dead spots" (hard to describe, but believe me, its way better than flashlight light and brighter in its way, too).

    Beam part swivels up and down, and very conveniently its single on/off button is right there under the front of the light tube part (all the light tube/switch/LED mount parts are machined aircraft aluminum). I used it all last summer, have used it around the house in the fall and winter, used it nightfishing this year and have only just replaced the batteries in it for the first time a couple of days ago, and sometimes I ran it for a couple of hours at a time! Amazing power and battery life.

    Now that I've used this one and I'm looking over their web site full of other cool stuff, I'm seeing these crazy nuclear blaster-power units they've got for a few bucks more I might have to get one or two of!!

    Anyway, had to give a shout out for the most fantastic headlamp I've ever seen or used before (trust me, it does beat those "three-way, red, white and bulb" Wal-mart things by miles).

    If you see one at Lowe's, grab one -- you will not be sorry!

    Kevin (Skrod)
  17. Spongiform

    Spongiform New Member

    That $16 set looks perfect, 20 hours of light on 1 AAA battery. I got a battery charger and a dozen or so AA and AAA each. Probably have to pick up a few more batteries though but would save me the trouble of lugging a flashlite around all the time camping and fishing.

  18. dataman

    dataman New Member

    I had the same problem as Tulcat with the cap light. I now am using the 1watt led head light wlamart sells. Works great for me. About $20.