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    For those of you who have been following my brothers conduction I would like to thank you for that. For those who have not but would like to here is the link His wife tries to keep it on the positive side, as it keeps her strong and it gives hope to all the family members.

    My brother has been in and out of surgery 14 times for different thing since the 21st of April this year. They are trying to fix issues that was caused when he dissected his Aorta and then they put in a new Aorta value and then they had to fix some leaks. Then again they had to go in because of a blockage and then due to kidney failure and then twice more because of stomach issues caused by all this. Then they went in because the right kidney died and then again for open heart massage because he went into Afib. They have removed the right kidney, and part of the bowel, did 6 bypasses, 5 grafts and are looking at having to removed 4 toes off the right foot due to lack of blood flow to the lower body, and now the left kidney is not functioning the way it should. So I am going to get typed matched for a transplant for him. So these issues have kept me and my family tied up right now. They have even made my issue look small as my own medical issues are small in comparison with those of my brother. The cancer I have is back and I have had a mild stroke back on the 10 of April. So as you can see my plate is a little full right now.

    I said all of the above to say this. I owe 4 people out here 5 rods for different functions. I am behind and I am sorry about that. If you still want the rods I will get them out but understand that I have more important issues right now. Or at lest in book they are more important and if they are not so in the eyes of others I am sorry. I have had 1 cancel on there order because I could not meet the dead line they have set and I am sorry about that. I am spending all my free time in Colombia SC at the hospital by my brothers bed side and helping his wife with things around his house. I have not even cut my grass nor finished anything I needed to do.

    So please forgive me if I put my family before my rods and other things, but to me they are more important at this point in time as they are taking my brother back to surgery as I type right now. Thanks so much.
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    Sounds like you sure have a full plate brother. I am surely praying for you and your family. I am sorry to hear about the circumstances. I truly hope the Lord blesses you and all those around today.

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    Still praying here.
    Nobody can do it all, brother... you stick close to the Lord Jesus Christ and He'll shoulder your burdens. He understands and is faithful.
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    Brother Jim,
    I am very much saddened for the things that have piled up on you and your family. We continue to pray fervently for some relife for you and your family. Ya'll need a break, and I pray you get one soon. No one on Earth can understand the pressures you are going through, but, God will not put more on you than He knows you can handle. Please, when things are BAD, remember Job, and the triles he went through. You can MAKE it Brother. We are all with you and for you!!

    Your Brother,

  5. FS Driver

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    gator , hang in there and do what your heart tells you to do.
    i'll say a prayer for your brother , his family and you and yours .
    hope everything goes well for him.
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    Hang in there and no God is in control. Definently praying for your bother you and your family. Stay stong Hang in there, God will make away.
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    It's so sad that you have to go through things like this in life, Jim.

    With little thought to who cancelled on you, keep it a secret. It or him are not worth knowing.
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    Jim, our thoughts and prayers are still positive, for you, Johnny, and all the family.
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    GC, OHIO
    Jim prayers are continueing to be sent for your brother, yourself, and all of your family during this time of stress.

    Remember that God will not put more on your plate then you can handle.

    If there is anything we can do just hollar. We are all here for you buddy.

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    Jim my thoughts are with you and yours. As far as the cancellation goes. Give me some sort of a rod and I'll deliver it to em.:wink:
  11. TDawgNOk

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    Take care of your family. Family first, then everything else. And if someone tries to give you grief about that, give them my email address and I will happily set them straight for you!
  12. Catgirl

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    Jim, evidently whoever cancelled that rod order is reading from the WRONG book. You have your priorities straight, and anybody with any sense understands that. Fishing is a wonderful pastime, and the rods you build are top end I know, but neither of those things will EVER be more important than Johnny. You just keep on doin' what you're doin' bro. Positive thoughts and prayers are continuing. We love ya buddy :smile2:.
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    I am so proud of you for sharing your stress and worries with us. Remember that God is Awesome and He handles what we weak humans cannot! I am praying for your Brother and certainly pray that he is able to overcome all these health issues! You are so right,that your family comes before anyone else. As far as the person canceling on you,they are the ones with a problem,it's called being Cold, Callous,and selfish! They need to be ashambed of their actions toward you. You tend to your family,and tell joeblow to blow away with the wind.He can find another Rod maker somewhere else if he is in such a hurry,don't even give him the time of day!! So sorry you are under all this pressure. You also will be in my prayers. I personally want to say Thank You for making and donating a Rod to the Missouri Gathering.That was mighty nice of you to do so and I for one really appreciate ya taking the time to do so!! Hang in there Brother and please keep us posted about Johnny and yourself. -------------Pat:smile2:
  14. peewee williams

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    Gator.You always put others ahead of your own problems and needs.I am living proof of that.I know that there are many others.I have kept up with the reports of Johnny and in my prayers for you all.You have given so much to us and yet we are so helpless to help you.If it is some how possible with my illness,any and all parts of my body are available if they can be used.I wish to help so much if I can.I wish that some how I could just mow your lawn.How can we help?I love you and Johnny Brother.peewee
  15. slipbobber

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    Tell you what forget the rods and be with your family.. Rods come and go, to heck with them right now..i do some reel repair sometimes and was doing somethis time last yr when my mom had a heart attack. With the vastness of fishing the is always people wanting something, just brush it off and if they dont understand , in all honesty hell with them...
  16. Angelkitty

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    Gator, There is no need to apologize. We are here for you. You have a lot going on in your life. Prayers go out for you and your family. Keep us updated.
  17. Dano

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    Gator, you have been there for many folks.
    Your one of the best BOC members on this board.
    good people. If I was your neighbor. I would be glad to mow your yard
    Take care of you and yours first.
    Prayers sent from my end.
  18. Cheryl

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    Remember 'some humans ain't human' and forget about it. I hope it wasn't any one from this forum, and perhaps we are all jumping to conclusions about why and how the order was canceled, by them. Whatever, it doesn't matter. We came with nothing and we all will leave the same way, with nothing. $ is only needed for food and shelter and basic necessities of life. I'm sure you won't give it a second thought, with the over filled plate you have at the moment.

    My heart and prayers go out to you, Johnny, and your families. Just know we are behind you and let us help you in any way that we are able to do so.

    God bless,
  19. copycat

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    Prayers for you, your brother and your family, Jim.